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Beetle - Eucinetus haemorrhoidalis

Beetle - Eucinetus haemorrhoidalis
Allison Park, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
June 18, 2014

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Beetle - Eucinetus haemorrhoidalis Beetle - Eucinetus haemorrhoidalis


??Eucinetus terminalis LeConte, female
Specimen now a photo-voucher, thanks John.

"why not haemorrhoidalis?" remains a very valid question. There are two names that have been applied to the Eucinetus species with reddish elytral apices, E. terminalis LeConte and E. haemorrhoidalis (Germar).

E. terminalis is used in (1)(2)(3) with no mention of E. haemorrhoidalis.

E. haemorrhoidalis is exclusively referenced in (4)(5)

Finally, in (6) both species are listed.

I don't know whether there is synonymy here or a geographic range distinction, but it is all very confusing at present.

why not haemorrhoidalis?

You'll have to ask Blaine
but it does look very much like Mike Quinn's

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