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"short-horned" Clerid? - Neolema sexpunctata
Medford, (~15 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
January 28, 2007
Size: ~5mm
found this beetle dead inside the house while cleaning. It looks to be a Clerid, minus most of the antenna. I haven't tried to key it yet, but I didn't recognize the pattern or see anything similar in already in BugGuide. Any ideas?

This is also Species #100 for my little quest to ID every beetle that I can find in my backyard (or house, in the case) See my BugGuide bio if you're interested in the rest of the list of 99. I started 2006 with about 55 IDed from casual collecting, and found many others during the year, mainly with a little blacklighting. And I still haven't tried to ID the Carabids, Roves, and Weevils, so there should be a significant number still awaiting the list. It's been fun, and a lot more with this site. Thanks BugGuide!

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Neolema sexpunctata, apparently here to stay. Thanks to all.

Moved from Neolema.

I agree with Ron in that thes
I agree with Ron in that these fall in the normal range of coloration for N. sexpunctata. The basal spot is not the right shape to be cordata.

Moved from Neolema cordata.

Since we have photos of both species, I thought to be sure, I should just move this to the genus level.

Neolema sexpunctata
This is within variation of sexpunctata to me. This one keys to Neolema sexpunctata in the keys; cordata has a subcordate or triangular spot. Other things which hint to sexpunctata are finer punctures and darker legs.


rather . . .
Neolema cordata, new in the guide?

gosh, Boris,
I guess this could be N. cordata. My location in southern New Jersey is not cited in any of the range distributions I've seen, and seems to be at best in the very northern range extent for N. cordata (a new state record?) Still, there is another one in BugGuide whose markings appear to be similar to mine -

humm - after additional reflection, I believe you're probably correct. I'll move momentarily

PS: Thanks for cleaning up the ladybirds today!

Dear Tim,

the one on the thumb I´d take for a big-spotted N.sexpunctata, because the anteriour spot is not at all produced in direction to the scutellum. And yours? (but leave it wehre it is now)
Seems, this again is a specialist´s case!

Chrysomelid, perhaps?
Check out Neolema sexpuntata, see what you think. Of course I'm only a hobbyist so don't rely heavily on what I think. ;)

yup, you got it!
#100 - Neolema sexpuntata