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Aquatic arachnid (Tick?) ID help

Aquatic arachnid (Tick?) ID help
Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge RogersSpring, Nye County, Nevada, USA
July 8, 2014
Size: 0.25mm
This image was sent to me as an aquatic specimen that was netted along with other aquatic invertebrates and that it was difficult to capture and photograph as it was "animated" in the water. None of this is typical of tick behavior or habitat, but it "looks like" a tick to me.

ticks are by definition terrestrial bloodsuckers
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I completely agree this is th
I completely agree this is the wrong environment for a tick (but they can fall in water). I can't find any aquatic invertebrate that keys out or resembles this specimen and it sure resembles a tick.

pls note that the pic has been moved to the water mite section
water mites constitute a large group (>30 families in N.America) well represented is most every body of fresh water, as far as i know; they are among the most abundant freshwater invertebrates, with densities frequently exceeding 200 per sq.m(1)
our own Dr Heather Proctor is the expert; hope she narrows it down some

Good help and thanks! In chec
Good help and thanks! In checking water mites on Bugguide, I see some promising possibilities, like Piona. I hope Dr. Proctor can help.