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Meloidae: Megetra sp. - Megetra punctata

Meloidae: Megetra sp. - Megetra punctata
Arizona, USA
Size: 2~3cm
scrub plain, on ground, mixed herbs, yucca, agave, choya etc.

blister beetle
we found this beetle on our property yesterday. Prescott Valley, Arizona.
I have a picture of it.

If you have a reasonably sharp photo
I suggest you submit it to bugguide. Click 'ID Request', then 'add image'. A 'Submit image' form will open. Just follow the instructions for submitting your image.
If Megetra your beetle may be another species, i.e. M. vittata.
Anyway, welcome to Bugguide and hope to see your photos.

Moved from Megetra.

Hello, Taro,
this beetle looks like Megetra punctata Selander. Elytra look coarsely punctate, and are rounded where they deflex to the side. The other two species have a reticulated pattern on the elytra, and a well-defined edge where they deflex down the side.
Will let you know in a couple of days.
Update: it is M. punctata, and I hope either Kojun or Taro will say some more about the location.

Is the locality correct? I thought we only saw these in Sonora, near the border with Cochise Co. AZ

That would make sense, Kojun,
in terms of locality for M. punctata. Do you recall any more?

We have an abundance of this beetle in our area. Elevation 7400ft Pinion juniper forest.
Dan Thompson

Albuquerque and San Juan County N. Mex.
are where the others on bugguide hail from.

Red & black striped Megetra sp
We see a lot of these around Gallup in McKinley County, NM.
Some people call it the "football player beetle" on account of the shape and the shoulder pads.

Hi Taro,
If you are sure of an ID to a certain level, you can post your images with others of same species/genus/family to save someone else having to do it. Navigate to that page, making sure the Images tab is clicked, then click Add Image and a submission form will appear.

In this case it's simpler yet since you've already submitted the image. Just click Tag link, navigate to Images page, and click Add Tagged Images link (or maybe it's Move Tagged Images).