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? - Leptoglossus corculus

? - Leptoglossus corculus
Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, USA
August 6, 2014
Size: Approx. 15 mm
7 pm leaf-footed bug on AC.

Moved from Leptoglossus.

Thanks for the second opinion, Ross. :)

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This could be L. corculus. If so, it would be our first from FL. However, I'd really like a better look at the tibial extensions to be sure. Perhaps someone else will be able to place it with certainty.

The outer hind tibial dilation is clearly longer than the inner one, so, together with the faint zig-zag corium mark, black spots on the pronotum, and the fourth antennal segment being shorter then the third, I suggest we have a match. This is not L. concolor, which also is found in Florida, but is not represented in the guide.

See reference here.

... it looked different from the usual suspects :)