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Lejops (Anasimyia)  - Lejops - male

Lejops (Anasimyia) - Lejops - Male
Anderson Settlement: Coburg Road, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada
June 29, 2013

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Lejops (Anasimyia)  - Lejops - male Lejops (Anasimyia)  - Lejops - male Lejops (Anasimyia)  - Lejops - male


Looks like...
Both the large spur AND the large tubercle are present in this individual (somewhat visible in this image on the right leg, and to a lesser degree in the other two pics?), which would support the ID to species.

From what I understand the tubercle is located such that it wouldn't be visible in any of these photos. I do see the large spur and everything else seems a perfect fit for Lejops chrysostomus (now, I think, known as Anasimyia chrysostoma).

This probably is Anasimyia ch
This probably is Anasimyia chrysotoma but grisescens and distincta have a spur on hind tibia too. I think it is safe in Anasimyia.

Thanks, Bill.

Moved from subgenus Anasimyia.

Lejops chrysostomus?
Hi Stu,

Jacy Lussier has posted a decent amount of Syrphs on iNaturalist and he has seems to have a good handle on the species in Ontario. His pics of Lejops chrysostomus from Point Pelee seem essentially identical to your fly here. What do you think?

Thanks very much, Denis.
Mine certainly appears identical to the one you've linked to. But there are others that are identical at BG that have been languishing at the subgenus level for years including some great images by Tom Murray. There are only three images of L. chrysostomus on the guide page but I'm feeling devilish enough today to move my three images there! Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

:) :) :)
Heh, heh. Good stuff ;)