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Infraorder Culicomorpha - Mosquitoes and Midges

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon "Nematocera" (Non-Brachycera)
Infraorder Culicomorpha - Mosquitoes and Midges

Family Ceratopogonidae - Biting Midges
Subfamily Ceratopogoninae
Genus Culicoides
Species crepuscularis - Culicoides crepuscularis
Species variipennis - Culicoides variipennis
No Taxon guttipennis group
Species villosipennis - Culicoides villosipennis
Tribe Ceratopogonini - Predaceous Midges
Genus Allohelea
Species johannseni - Allohelea johannseni
Genus Alluaudomyia
Species needhami - Alluaudomyia needhami
Species paraspina - Alluaudomyia paraspina
Genus Ceratopogon
Genus Downeshelea
Species stonei - Downeshelea stonei
Genus Monohelea
Genus Stilobezzia
Species antennalis - Stilobezzia antennalis
Species beckae - Stilobezzia beckae
Species coquilletti - Stilobezzia coquilletti
Species sybleae - Stilobezzia sybleae
Species viridis - Stilobezzia viridis
No Taxon subgenus Acanthohelea
Species lutea - Stilobezzia lutea
Tribe Heteromyiini
Genus Clinohelea
Species currei - Clinohelea currei
Species bimaculata - Clinohelea bimaculata
Genus Heteromyia
Species fasciata - Heteromyia fasciata
Species prattii - Heteromyia prattii
Tribe Palpomyiini
Genus Bezzia
Species nobilis - Bezzia nobilis
Species varicolor - Bezzia varicolor
Genus Palpomyia
Species rufa - Palpomyia rufa
Genus Phaenobezzia
Species opaca - Phaenobezzia opaca
Tribe Sphaeromiini
Genus Jenkinshelea
Species albaria - Jenkinshelea albaria
Genus Johannsenomyia
Species annulicornis - Johannsenomyia annulicornis
Species argentata - Johannsenomyia argentata
Genus Mallochohelea
Species albibasis - Mallochohelea albibasis
Species atripes - Mallochohelea atripes
Genus Nilobezzia
Species mallochi - Nilobezzia mallochi
Genus Probezzia
Species albitibia - Probezzia albitibia
Species pallida - Probezzia pallida
Species infuscata - Probezzia infuscata
Species xanthogaster - Probezzia xanthogaster
Genus Sphaeromias
Species longipennis - Sphaeromias longipennis
Species bifidus - Sphaeromias bifidus
Tribe Stenoxenini
Genus Dasyhelea
Subfamily Forcipomyiinae
Genus Atrichopogon
Species fusculus - Atrichopogon fusculus
Species levis - Atrichopogon levis
Species peregrinus - Atrichopogon peregrinus
No Taxon species "A"
Genus Forcipomyia
No Taxon subgenus Forcipomyia
Species bipunctata - Forcipomyia bipunctata
Species brevipennis - Forcipomyia brevipennis
Species pictoni - Forcipomyia pictoni
No Taxon larvae and pupae
Species genualis - Forcipomyia genualis
Species bystraki - Forcipomyia bystraki
No Taxon subgenus Trichohelea
Species eques - Forcipomyia eques
Species fairfaxensis - Forcipomyia fairfaxensis
Species fuliginosa - Forcipomyia fuliginosa
Species glauca - Forcipomyia glauca
Species pluvialis - Forcipomyia pluvialis
No Taxon species "Z"
No Taxon ectoparasites on wings
No Taxon ectoparasites
No Taxon larvae
Genus Leptoconops
Family Chironomidae - Midges
Subfamily Chironominae
Tribe Chironomini
No Taxon Chironomus group
Genus Axarus
No Taxon festivus species group
Species festivus - Axarus festivus
No Taxon sp. "varvestris"
No Taxon rogersi species group
Genus Chironomus
No Taxon subgenus Camptochironomus
Species dilutus - Chironomus dilutus
No Taxon subgenus Chaetolabis
Species atroviridis - Chironomus atroviridis
Species ochreatus - Chironomus ochreatus
No Taxon subgenus Chironomus
Species atrella - Chironomus atrella
Species crassicaudatus - Chironomus crassicaudatus
No Taxon decorus group
Species melanescens - Chironomus melanescens
Species plumosus - Chironomus plumosus
Species staegeri - Chironomus staegeri
Species tuberculatus - Chironomus tuberculatus
Species whitseli - Chironomus whitseli
No Taxon subgenus Lobochironomus
No Taxon larvae
Genus Demeijerea
Species brachialis - Demeijerea brachialis
Species atrimanus - Demeijerea atrimanus
Genus Dicrotendipes
Genus Einfeldia
Species pagana - Einfeldia pagana
Genus Glyptotendipes
Species barbipes - Glyptotendipes barbipes
Species paripes - Glyptotendipes paripes
Species testaceus - Glyptotendipes testaceus
No Taxon lobiferus complex
Genus Goeldichironomus
Species carus - Goeldichironomus carus
Genus Kiefferulus
Species dux - Kiefferulus dux
No Taxon Harnischia complex
No Taxon Lauterborniella group
Genus Apedilum
Species elachistus - Apedilum elachistus
Genus Kribiodorum
Species perpulchrum - Kribiodorum perpulchrum
Genus Microtendipes
Genus Omisus
Species pica - Omisus pica
Genus Paratendipes
Species albimanus - Paratendipes albimanus
Species fuscitibia - Paratendipes fuscitibia
Species nitidulus - Paratendipes nitidulus
Genus Zavreliella
Species marmorata - Zavreliella marmorata
No Taxon Polypedilum Group
Genus Endochironomus
Species nigricans - Endochironomus nigricans
Species subtendens - Endochironomus subtendens
Genus Hyporhygma
Species quadripunctatum - Hyporhygma quadripunctatum
Genus Phaenopsectra
Species flavipes - Phaenopsectra flavipes
Species obediens - Phaenopsectra obediens
Species profusa - Phaenopsectra profusa
Species punctipes - Phaenopsectra punctipes
Genus Polypedilum
No Taxon subgenus Pentapedilum
Species sordens - Polypedilum sordens
Species tritum - Polypedilum tritum
No Taxon subgenus Polypedilum
Species trigonus - Polypedilum trigonus
Species braseniae - Polypedilum braseniae
No Taxon subgenus Tripodura
Species scalaenum - Polypedilum scalaenum
Species ontario - Polypedilum ontario
Genus Stictochironomus
Genus Tribelos
Species jucundum - Tribelos jucundum
No Taxon Probably Polypedilum group
Genus Stenochironomus
Species colei - Stenochironomus colei
Species hilaris - Stenochironomus hilaris
Species macateei - Stenochironomus macateei
Species poecilopterus - Stenochironomus poecilopterus
Species pulchripennis - Stenochironomus pulchripennis
Species woodi - Stenochironomus woodi
No Taxon eggs and larvae
No Taxon banded wing Texas midge
Genus Pseudochironomus
Species richardsoni - Pseudochironomus richardsoni
Tribe Tanytarsini
Genus Cladotanytarsus
Genus Rheotanytarsus
Genus Tanytarsus - Green Midges
Genus Micropsectra
No Taxon larvae
Subfamily Diamesinae
Genus Protanypus
Genus Boreoheptagyia
Genus Diamesa - Snow Midges
Species nivoriunda - Diamesa nivoriunda
Subfamily Orthocladiinae
No Taxon Primitive Orthocladiinae
Genus Brillia
Genus Xylotopus
Species par - Xylotopus par
Genus Diplocladius
Species cultriger - Diplocladius cultriger
Genus Bryophaenocladius
Genus Cardiocladius
Genus Chasmatonotus
Species atripes - Chasmatonotus atripes
Species bicolor - Chasmatonotus bicolor
Species maculipennis - Chasmatonotus maculipennis
Species unimaculatus - Chasmatonotus unimaculatus
Genus Clunio
Species californiensis - Clunio californiensis
Genus Corynoneura
Species lobata - Corynoneura lobata
Genus Cricotopus
No Taxon subgenus Cricotopus
Species bicinctus - Cricotopus bicinctus
No Taxon tremulus group
No Taxon subgenus Nostococladius
No Taxon subgenus Isocladius
Species lebetis - Hydrilla Tip-mining Midge
Species sylvestris - Cricotopus sylvestris
Genus Limnophyes
Genus Metriocnemus
Species eurynotus - Metriocnemus eurynotus
Genus Orthocladius
Genus Parakiefferiella
Genus Parametriocnemus
Genus Paraphaenocladius
Species exagitans - Paraphaenocladius exagitans
Genus Psectrocladius
Genus Pseudosmittia
Genus Symbiocladius
Genus Thalassosmittia
No Taxon Unidentified leaf-mining orthocladiines
Genus Krenosmittia
Genus Parachaetocladius
Subfamily Prodiamesinae
Subfamily Tanypodinae
Tribe Clinotanypodini
Genus Clinotanypus
Genus Coelotanypus
Species atus - Coelotanypus atus
Species concinnus - Coelotanypus concinnus
Species scapularis - Coelotanypus scapularis
Species tricolor - Coelotanypus tricolor
Genus Tanypus
No Taxon subgenus Apelopia
Species neopunctipennis - Tanypus neopunctipennis
Species grodhausi - Tanypus grodhausi
No Taxon subgenus Tanypus
Species punctipennis - Tanypus punctipennis
Tribe Macropelopiini
Genus Alotanypus
Species venustus - Alotanypus venustus
Genus Apsectrotanypus
Species johnsoni - Apsectrotanypus johnsoni
Genus Psectrotanypus
Species dyari - Psectrotanypus dyari
Genus Radotanypus
Species florens - Radotanypus florens
Tribe Procladiini
Genus Djalmabatista
Species pulcher - Djalmabatista pulcher
Genus Procladius
No Taxon subgenus Holotanypus
Species bellus - Procladius bellus
Tribe Pentaneurini
Genus Ablabesmyia
Species annulata - Ablabesmyia annulata
No Taxon subgenus Ablabesmyia
No Taxon subgenus Karelia
Species cinctipes - Ablabesmyia cinctipes
Species peleensis - Ablabesmyia peleensis
Genus Zavrelimyia
Species fragilis - Zavrelimyia fragilis
Genus Guttipelopia
Genus Larsia
Genus Labrundinia
Genus Thienemannimyia
Subfamily Telmatogetoninae
Genus Telmatogeton
Species alaskensis - Telmatogeton alaskensis
Species japonicus - Telmatogeton japonicus
Genus Thalassomya
Species bureni - Thalassomya bureni
No Taxon Eggs, larvae, and exuviae
No Taxon Pseudochironomus or Orthocladiinae
No Taxon Winter midges unidentified to subfamily
Family Simuliidae - Black Flies
Tribe Prosimuliini
Genus Prosimulium
Species mixtum - Prosimulium mixtum
Genus Cnephia
Genus Ectemnia
Species invenusta - Ectemnia invenusta
Genus Simulium
Species annulus - Loon Blackfly
No Taxon subgenus Eusimulium
No Taxon (Psilozia) vittatum species complex
No Taxon (Simulium) jenningsi species group
Species fibrinflatum - Simulium (Simulium) fibrinflatum
Species tuberosum - Simulium (Simulium) tuberosum
Genus Stegopterna
Species mutata - mutata/duplomutata group
Genus Greniera
Family Thaumaleidae - Trickle Midges
Genus Thaumalea
Family Chaoboridae - Phantom Midges
Genus Chaoborus
No Taxon subgenus Chaoborus
Species flavicans - Chaoborus flavicans
No Taxon subgenus Sayomyia
Species albatus - Chaoborus albatus
Species astictopus - Chaoborus astictopus
Species festivus - Chaoborus festivus
Species maculipes - Chaoborus maculipes
Species punctipennis - Chaoborus punctipennis
No Taxon subgenus Schadonophasma
Species trivittatus - Chaoborus trivittatus
Species cooki - Chaoborus cooki
No Taxon larvae and pupae
Genus Mochlonyx
Genus Eucorethra
Species underwoodi - Eucorethra underwoodi
Family Culicidae - Mosquitoes
Genus Anopheles
Species atropos - Anopheles atropos
Species crucians - Anopheles crucians
Species earlei - Anopheles earlei
Species franciscanus - Anopheles franciscanus
Species punctipennis - Anopheles punctipennis
Species quadrimaculatus - North American Malaria Mosquito
Species walkeri - Anopheles walkeri
Species freeborni - Anopheles freeborni
Tribe Aedini
Genus Aedes
Species aegypti - Yellow Fever Mosquito
Species albopictus - Asian Tiger Mosquito
Species cinereus - Aedes cinereus
Species vexans - Inland Floodwater Mosquito
Genus Ochlerotatus
Species abserratus - Ochlerotatus abserratus
Species atlanticus - Ochlerotatus atlanticus
Species atropalpus - Ochlerotatus atropalpus
Species bimaculatus - Ochlerotatus bimaculatus
Species campestris - Ochlerotatus campestris
Species canadensis - Ochlerotatus canadensis
Subspecies mathesoni - Ochlerotatus canadensis mathesoni
Subspecies canadensis - Ochlerotatus canadensis canadensis
Species cantator - Brown Saltmarsh Mosquito
Species communis - Ochlerotatus communis
Species dorsalis - Ochlerotatus dorsalis
Species excrucians - Ochlerotatus excrucians
Species fitchii - Ochlerotatus fitchii
Species fulvus - Ochlerotatus fulvus
Subspecies pallens - Ochlerotatus fulvus pallens
Species hendersoni - Ochlerotatus hendersoni
Species infirmatus - Ochlerotatus infirmatus
Species intrudens - Ochlerotatus intrudens
Species japonicus - Asian Rock Pool Mosquito
Species nigromaculis - Ochlerotatus nigromaculis
Species provocans - Ochlerotatus provocans
Species pullatus - Ochlerotatus pullatus
Species sierrensis - Western Treehole Mosquito
Species sollicitans - Eastern Saltmarsh Mosquito
Species squamiger - California Salt Marsh Mosquito
Species stimulans - woodland mosquito
Species taeniorhynchus - Black Saltmarsh Mosquito
Species thibaulti - Ochlerotatus thibaulti
Species togoi - Ochlerotatus togoi
Species triseriatus - Eastern Treehole Mosquito
Species trivittatus - Ochlerotatus trivittatus
Genus Psorophora
Species ciliata - Gallinipper
Species columbiae - Dark Ricefield Mosquito
Species cyanescens - Psorophora cyanescens
Species ferox - Psorophora ferox
Species horrida - Psorophora horrida
Species howardii - Psorophora howardii
Species longipalpus - Psorophora longipalpus
Species varipes - Psorophora varipes
Tribe Culicini
Genus Culex
Species pipiens - Northern House Mosquito
Species quinquefasciatus - Southern House Mosquito
Species nigripalpus - Culex nigripalpus
Species restuans - Culex restuans
Species salinarius - Culex salinarius
Species tarsalis - Western Encephalitis Mosquito
Species erraticus - Culex erraticus
Species territans - Culex territans
Species coronator - Culex coronator
Genus Deinocerites
Species cancer - Deinocerites cancer
Tribe Mansoniini
Genus Coquillettidia
Species perturbans - Coquillettidia perturbans
Genus Mansonia
Species dyari - Mansonia dyari
Species titillans - Mansonia titillans
Genus Culiseta
Species impatiens - Culiseta impatiens
Species incidens - Culiseta incidens
Species inornata - Culiseta inornata
Species melanura - Culiseta melanura
Species minnesotae - Culiseta minnesotae
Genus Orthopodomyia
Species signifera - Orthopodomyia signifera
Genus Toxorhynchites
Species rutilus - Elephant Mosquito
Genus Uranotaenia
Species lowii - Uranotaenia lowii
Species sapphirina - Uranotaenia sapphirina
Genus Wyeomyia
Species smithii - Wyeomyia smithii
Species vanduzeei - Wyeomyia vanduzeei
Species mitchellii - Wyeomyia mitchellii
No Taxon unidentified mosquito larvae and pupae
Family Dixidae - Meniscus Midges
Genus Dixa
Genus Dixella
Species dorsalis - Dixella dorsalis
Species nova - Dixella nova
Family Corethrellidae - Frog-biting midges
Genus Corethrella - Frog-biting midges
Species brakeleyi - Corethrella brakeleyi