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Mite - Erythraxus

Mite - Erythraxus
Deane, Letcher County, Kentucky, USA
August 14, 2014
Size: 3mm Body
Found in my flower bed. I thought it was a Granddaddy longlegs at first. 10mm including legs while walking

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Mite - Erythraxus Mite - Erythraxus Mite - Erythraxus Mite - Erythraxus Mite - Erythraxus

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There are a couple different genera this could be (Paraphanolophus, Erythraxus, or Tepotzlana), all of which are very interesting and poorly known in North America. I'm working on this group and could use specimens. Would you mind collecting some for me? I could pay for shipping.

Consider it
yours. E-mail on its way to you.

Specimen received!
Indeed! It is the monster, Erythraxus--among the largest of all mites! This species is currently undescribed (I'll get it out someday). Nice find!

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I don't see an ocular tubercle, so I'm voting for mite. Wondering if it could be something like this:

Looks very close. I couldn't make out a pattern on mine. I will look closer at it to see if I over looked something.

granddaddy longlegs
i think your instincts were correct. daddy longlegs, a young one