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Infraorder Tipulomorpha - Crane Flies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon "Nematocera" (Non-Brachycera)
Infraorder Tipulomorpha - Crane Flies

Family Cylindrotomidae - Cylindrotomid Crane Flies
Genus Liogma
Species nodicornis - Liogma nodicornis
Genus Phalacrocera
Genus Cylindrotoma
Species distinctissima - Cylindrotoma distinctissima
Family Limoniidae - Limoniid Crane Flies
Tribe Limoniini
Genus Antocha
Species saxicola - Antocha saxicola
Genus Dicranoptycha
Species elsa - Dicranoptycha elsa
Species nigripes - Dicranoptycha nigripes
Species sobrina - Dicranoptycha sobrina
Genus Elephantomyia
Species westwoodi - Elephantomyia westwoodi
Genus Limonia
No Taxon subgenus Dicranomyia
Species humidicola - Limonia humidicola
Species ypsilon - Limonia ypsilon
Species simulans - Limonia simulans
Species venusta - Limonia venusta
Species liberta - Limonia liberta
No Taxon subgenus Discobola
Species annulata - Limonia annulata
No Taxon subgenus Geranomyia
Species canadensis - Limonia canadensis
Species communis - Limonia communis
Species rostrata - Limonia rostrata
No Taxon subgenus Idioglochina
Species marmorata - Limonia marmorata
No Taxon subgenus Limonia
Species indigena - Limonia indigena
Species nubeculosa - Limonia nubeculosa
Species parietina - Limonia parietina
Species tristigma - Limonia tristigma
No Taxon subgenus Metalimnobia
Species cinctipes - Limonia cinctipes
Species hudsonica - Limonia hudsonica
Species immatura - Limonia immatura
Species triocellata - Limonia triocellata
Species novaeangliae - Limonia novaeangliae
Species solitaria - Limonia solitaria
Species triphaea - Limonia triphaea
No Taxon subgenus Neolimonia
Species rara - Limonia rara
No Taxon subgenus Rhipidia
Species domestica - Limonia domestica
Species duplicata - Limonia duplicata
Species fidelis - Limonia fidelis
Species shannoni - Limonia shannoni
Species bryanti - Limonia bryanti
Species maculata - Limonia maculata
Genus Helius
Species flavipes - Helius flavipes
Genus Orimarga
Species mirabilis - Orimarga mirabilis
Genus Toxorhina
Species magna - Toxorhina magna
Genus Elliptera
Species tennessa - Elliptera tennessa
Tribe Hexatomini
Genus Atarba
Species picticornis - Atarba picticornis
Genus Austrolimnophila
Species toxoneura - Austrolimnophila toxoneura
Genus Dactylolabis
Species cubitalis - Dactylolabis cubitalis
Species hudsonica - Dactylolabis hudsonica
Species montana - Dactylolabis montana
Species vestigipennis - Dactylolabis vestigipennis
Genus Epiphragma
Species fasciapenne - Epiphragma fasciapenne
Species solatrix - Epiphragma solatrix
Genus Euphylidorea
Species niveitarsis - Euphylidorea niveitarsis
Genus Hexatoma
No Taxon subgenus Eriocera
Species brachycera - Hexatoma brachycera
Species brevioricornis - Hexatoma brevioricornis
Species longicornis - Hexatoma longicornis
Species sculleni - Hexatoma sculleni
Species spinosa - Hexatoma spinosa
Species wilsonii - Hexatoma wilsonii
Genus Limnophila
Species fasciolata - Limnophila fasciolata
Species macrocera - Limnophila macrocera
Species marchandi - Limnophila marchandi
No Taxon subgenus Dicranophragma
Species angustula - Limnophila angustula
Species fuscovaria - Limnophila fuscovaria
No Taxon subgenus Prionolabis
Species antennata - Limnophila antennata
Species rufibasis - Limnophila rufibasis
Species munda - Limnophila munda
Genus Pilaria
Species quadrata - Pilaria quadrata
Species recondita - Pilaria recondita
Species tenuipes - Pilaria tenuipes
Genus Polymera
Species rogersiana - Polymera rogersiana
Genus Prolimnophila
Species areolata - Prolimnophila areolata
Genus Pseudolimnophila
Species australina - Pseudolimnophila australina
Species luteipennis - Pseudolimnophila luteipennis
Species inornata - Pseudolimnophila inornata
Genus Shannonomyia
Species lenta - Shannonomyia lenta
Genus Ulomorpha
Genus Phyllolabis
Species flavida - Phyllolabis flavida
Species myriosticta - Phyllolabis myriosticta
Genus Eloeophila
Tribe Eriopterini
Genus Cheilotrichia
Species stigmatica - Cheilotrichia stigmatica
Genus Chionea - Snow Flies
Species albertensis - Chionea albertensis
Species alexandriana - Chionea alexandriana
Species carolus - Chionea carolus
Species scita - Chionea scita
Species stoneana - Chionea stoneana
Species valga - Snow Fly
Species obtusa - Chionea obtusa
Genus Cladura
Species flavoferruginea - Cladura flavoferruginea
Genus Cryptolabis
Genus Erioptera
No Taxon subgenus Erioptera
No Taxon chlorophylla species group
Species chlorophylla - Erioptera chlorophylla
Species septemtrionis - Erioptera septemtrionis
Species vespertina - Erioptera vespertina
No Taxon subgenus Ilisia
Species graphica - Erioptera graphica
Species venusta - Erioptera venusta
No Taxon subgenus Mesocyphona
Species caliptera - Erioptera caliptera
Species distincta - Erioptera distincta
Species femoraatra - Erioptera femoraatra
Species needhami - Erioptera needhami
Species parva - Erioptera parva
Species tantilla - Erioptera tantilla
Species armata - Erioptera armata
No Taxon chlorophylla group (old page)
Genus Eugnophomyia
Species luctuosa - Eugnophomyia luctuosa
Genus Gnophomyia
Species tristissima - Gnophomyia tristissima
Genus Gonomyia
Species pleuralis - Gonomyia pleuralis
No Taxon subgenus Gonomyia
No Taxon subgenus Idiocera
No Taxon subgenus Idiocerodes
No Taxon subgenus Leiponeura
Species puer - Gonomyia puer
Species sulphurella - Gonomyia sulphurella
No Taxon subgenus Neolipophleps
Species alexanderi - Gonomyia alexanderi
Genus Molophilus
Genus Neocladura
Species delicatula - Neocladura delicatula
Genus Neolimnophila
Species ultima - Neolimnophila ultima
Genus Ormosia
Species romanovichiana - Ormosia romanovichiana
Genus Symplecta
No Taxon subgenus Trimicra
Species pilipes - Symplecta pilipes
No Taxon subgenus Symplecta
Species cana - Symplecta cana
Genus Teucholabis
Species carolinensis - Teucholabis carolinensis
Species immaculata - Teucholabis immaculata
Species rubescens - Teucholabis rubescens
Species complexa - Teucholabis complexa
Genus Hesperoconopa
Family Pediciidae - Hairy-eyed Crane Flies
Genus Dicranota
No Taxon subgenus Dicranota
No Taxon subgenus Paradicranota
Species rivularis - Dicranota rivularis
No Taxon subgenus Rhaphidolabis
Species cayuga - Dicranota cayuga
Species rubescens - Dicranota rubescens
Species flaveola - Dicranota flaveola
Species maculata - Dicranota maculata
Genus Pedicia
No Taxon subgenus Pedicia
Species contermina - Pedicia contermina
Species parvicellula - Pedicia parvicellula
Species procteriana - Pedicia procteriana
No Taxon albivitta or goldsworthyi
Species albivitta - Giant Eastern Crane Fly
Species goldsworthyi - Pedicia goldsworthyi
No Taxon subgenus Tricyphona
Species auripennis - Pedicia (Tricyphona) auripennis
Species autumnalis - Pedicia (Tricyphona) autumnalis
Species calcar - Pedicia calcar
No Taxon constans group
Species gigantea - Pedicia gigantea
Species inconstans - Pedicia (Tricyphona) inconstans
Species septentrionalis - Pedicia septentrionalis
No Taxon simplicistyla group
Genus Ula
Species elegans - Ula elegans
Family Tipulidae - Large Crane Flies
Subfamily Ctenophorinae
Genus Ctenophora
Species apicata - Ctenophora apicata
Species nubecula - Ctenophora nubecula
Genus Phoroctenia
Species vittata - Phoroctenia vittata
Subspecies angustipennis - Ctenophora vittata angustipennis
Genus Tanyptera
Species dorsalis - Tanyptera dorsalis
Genus Dolichopeza
Species carolus - Dolichopeza carolus
Species subalbipes - Dolichopeza subalbipes
Species walleyi - Dolichopeza walleyi
Subfamily Tipulinae
Genus Angarotipula
Species illustris - Angarotipula illustris
Genus Brachypremna
Species dispellens - Brachypremna dispellens
Genus Holorusia
Species hespera - Giant Western Crane Fly
Genus Leptotarsus
Species testaceus - Leptotarsus testaceus
Genus Megistocera
Species longipennis - Megistocera longipennis
Genus Nephrotoma - Tiger Crane Flies
Species alterna - Nephrotoma alterna
No Taxon brevipennis species group
Species ferruginea - Nephrotoma ferruginea
Species suturalis - Nephrotoma suturalis
Species wulpiana - Nephrotoma wulpiana
Species cingulata - Nephrotoma cingulata
Species eucera - Nephrotoma eucera
No Taxon lundbecki species group
Species altissima - Nephrotoma altissima
Species byersi - Nephrotoma byersi
Species macrocera - Nephrotoma macrocera
Species occipitalis - Nephrotoma occipitalis
Species pedunculata - Nephrotoma pedunculata
Species tenuis - Nephrotoma tenuis
Species virescens - Nephrotoma virescens
Species okefenoke - Nephrotoma okefenoke
Genus Prionocera
Genus Tipula
No Taxon subgenus Arctotipula
Species williamsiana - Tipula williamsiana
No Taxon subgenus Bellardina
Species schizomera - Tipula schizomera
No Taxon subgenus Beringotipula
Species borealis - Tipula borealis
No Taxon subgenus Hesperotipula
Species californica - Tipula californica
Species chlorion - Tipula chlorion
No Taxon subgenus Lindnerina
Species senega - Tipula senega
No Taxon subgenus Lunatipula
Species apicalis - Tipula apicalis
Species atrisumma - Tipula atrisumma
Species bicornis - Tipula bicornis
Species dietziana - Tipula dietziana
Species disjuncta - Tipula disjuncta
Species dorsimacula - Tipula dorsimacula
Species duplex - Tipula duplex
Species fuliginosa - Sooty Crane Fly
Species grahamina - Tipula grahamina
Species hirsuta - Tipula hirsuta
Species inusitata - Tipula inusitata
Species megaura - Tipula megaura
Species monticola - Tipula monticola
Species morrisoni - Tipula morrisoni
Species rossmani - Tipula rossmani
Species valida - Tipula valida
No Taxon Lunatipula larvae
No Taxon submaculata group
Species submaculata - Tipula submaculata
No Taxon subgenus Nippotipula
Species abdominalis - Giant Crane Fly
Species metacomet - Tipula metacomet
No Taxon subgenus Nobilotipula
Species collaris - Tipula collaris
No Taxon Subgenus Odonatisca
Species optiva
No Taxon subgenus Platytipula
Species paterifera - Tipula paterifera
Species ultima - Tipula ultima
No Taxon subgenus Pterelachisus
Species carinifrons - Tipula carinifrons carinifrons
Species trivittata - Tipula trivittata
No Taxon subgenus Savtshenkia
Species ignobilis - Tipula ignobilis
Species fragilis - Tipula fragilis
No Taxon subgenus Schummelia
Species hermannia - Tipula hermannia
No Taxon subgenus Sinotipula
Species pacifica - Tipula pacifica
No Taxon subgenus Trichotipula
Species algonquin - Tipula algonquin
Species cahuilla - Tipula cahuilla
Species oropezoides - Tipula oropezoides
No Taxon subgenus Triplicitipula
Species colei - Tipula colei
Species doaneiana - Tipula doaneiana
Species flavoumbrosa - Tipula flavoumbrosa
Species praecisa - Tipula praecisa
Species pubera - Tipula pubera
Species silvestra - Tipula silvestra
No Taxon subgenus Vestiplex
Species longiventris - Tipula longiventris
No Taxon subgenus Yamatotipula
Species aprilina - Tipula aprilina
Species caloptera - Tipula caloptera
Species fraterna - Tipula fraterna
Species furca - Tipula furca
Species jacobus - Tipula jacobus
Species jacintoensis - Tipula jacintoensis
Species lanei - Tipula lanei
Species noveboracensis - Tipula noveboracensis
Species sackeniana - Tipula sackeniana
Species sayi - Tipula sayi
Species subeluta - Tipula subeluta
Species tephrocephala - Tipula tephrocephala
Species tricolor - Tipula tricolor
Species xanthostigma - Tipula xanthostigma
No Taxon Yamatotipula larvae
No Taxon European Crane Flies
Species oleracea - Marsh Crane Fly
Species paludosa - Common European Crane Fly
No Taxon tmp
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Family Trichoceridae - Winter Crane Flies
Genus Paracladura
Species trichoptera - Paracladura trichoptera
Genus Trichocera
Species annulata - Trichocera annulata
Species bimacula - Trichocera bimacula
Species garretti - Trichocera garretti
No Taxon unidentified crane fly larvae and pupae