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Grass Shrimp - Palaemon vulgaris

Grass Shrimp - Palaemon vulgaris
Edisto Island/ Jeremy Inlet, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA
November 27, 2013

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Grass Shrimp - Palaemon vulgaris Grass Shrimp - Palaemon vulgaris Grass Shrimp - Palaemon vulgaris

Moved, Palaemon vulgaris
Moved from Palaemon. Okay, I think this is vulgaris based on the rostrum. While in the close up photo, it looks as if there is only one dorsal tooth behind the orbit, this is only because the eye stalk points backwards slightly, such that the eye itself is in front of just one tooth. In this photo, there are clearly two teeth behind the orbit. Additionally, the teeth match the illustration of the rostrum of vulgaris here. The rostrum of intermedius seems to have fewer teeth, as seen in that illustration and in my photographs.

Moved from Caridean shrimps.

Seems to be
But I don't know if there are other Palaemonetes species in your area aside from intermedius and pugio.

According to the SC Dept. Of Natural Resources, P. vulgaris is found here but, looking again at the rostrum I believe that you are correct and it's either intermedius or pugio. :)
Here is a PDF from the SCDNR:

I actually think vulgaris
The rostrum fits. I just don't know if there are additional species (beyond the three mentioned) that could fit. See here: here.