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Pseudocnemodus canadensis - female

Pseudocnemodus canadensis - Female
Reclaim Plains, Old Orchard Beach, York County, Maine, USA
August 16, 2014

Moved tentatively

Moved tentatively... intrigued

Thinking Pseudocnemodus...
Hemelytral membrane shape seems right for the only species, P. canadensis, according to Harrington (1980)(1).

After thought...
This is an adult female. Besides appearing gravid, females lack the well-developed protibial spine possessed by males of the species (ibid.).

awesome... makes a lot of sense
thanks all

I like that call
very cool

odd one, brachypterous?
perhaps also consider Ligyrocoris obscurus Barber

images of this species seem to show two different things: the one from Montana and this one have very constricted pronotums while the others do not.