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Hemerobius stigma

Hemerobius stigma
Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve, Moore County, North Carolina, USA
March 18, 2007
Size: 6 mm
This Hemerobius, presumably stigma, landed on my hand. I captured it, posed it for a photo session, and released it. Length measured in place--to tip of abdomen about 6 mm in a natural pose, about 9 mm from head to tip of wings. I was able to get some good macros, and in this photo, the antennae were in one plane, so you can see their structure from base to tip--beaded, i.e., moniliform, I believe.

This sort of macro on a white background really shows sensor dust, so I have removed that on the background, but not altered the insect any.

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Hemerobius stigma Hemerobius stigma

#99220 Identification – Hemerobius stigma
Identification confirmed.

Thanks, other neuroptera needing attention
John, thanks so much for your help with the lacewings and mantidflies you just examined. If you get a chance, I have a few photos from Texas that need attention...

Mantidflies, perhaps Dicromantispa:

An antlion, Brachynemurus or perhaps, Scotoleon?

A Brachynemurus, any ideas on species?

Many thanks,