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Coleoptera - Nacerdes melanura

Coleoptera - Nacerdes melanura
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
September 10, 2014
Found within a basement bathroom. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

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Nacerdes melanura, the wharf
Nacerdes melanura, the wharf borer.

It's the first post from Mass
which is a good thing - but we would let Blaine or V decide. Can you crop away some of the white space?

...cropped the image down a bit. Thanks!

Does anyone think this is needed for the guide? If not, I will frass it. Thanks!


but the antennae look wrong :(
Wow! and we didn't notice the size!

safe bet on the ID...
and the size is probably way off but sometimes there is size variability in some beetles...

I've removed...
...the size field since I didn't get to measure the specimen with a ruler. I just estimated. Thinking back, it probably was more around 1.2cm.