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Treehopper - Ophiderma flavicephala - female

Treehopper - Ophiderma flavicephala - Female
Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA
May 29, 2004
Is this the Black Locust Treehopper?

it is actually
Ophiderma flavicephala

Comparison with Vanduzea arquata
This does not look like the Black Locust Treehopper, Vanduzea arquata to me. See:

I don't think the plant is a Black Locust, either--that might be helpful in the identification. Any photos showing more of the plant?

I'm enjoying your photos. Makes me want to get down to the Sandhills more and look for insects--I've not been there much since getting into bugs the last couple of years. It's only about a 1.5 hour drive from my area.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

As mentioned on the second photo, the plant is a species of willow (Salix).

Bug Area
Unfortunately, my best bug finding area is being torn up to build houses at this very moment. I spent so much time bug hunting there last summer with the dog and my daughter that it almost makes me sick to see it destroyed. It was supposed to be a nature much for that!