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Black-horned Tree Cricket Female? - Oecanthus nigricornis - female

Black-horned Tree Cricket Female? - Oecanthus nigricornis - Female
Thousand Acre Swamp, Penfield, Monroe County, New York, USA
September 18, 2014
This photo is not a close-up. It was taken from 2 meters away at a focal length of 400 mm. Alas, I didn't have my macro lens with me.

Since this photo was taken in New York,
it's probably safe to put it into O. nigricornis.

If you find another, try to take a photo of the ventral abdomen. I suspect that O. nigricornis will always have dark black....whereas O. forbesi is mahogany colored.

I have another, somewhat blurry photo of the same specimen, and the ventral abdomen is definitely black.

Sounds like this is indeed O. nigricornis
...with black rather than mahogany on the ventral abdomen.