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sawfly - Halidamia affinis

sawfly - Halidamia affinis
Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas, USA
March 26, 2007
Size: ~8 mm
probably in the family Tenthredinidae... feel free to frass, late in the day and overcast equaled poor photos.

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sawfly - Halidamia affinis sawfly - Halidamia affinis sawfly - Halidamia affinis sawfly - Halidamia affinis


Tenthredinidae, Blennocampinae
Halidamia affinis. Larva feeds on Galium. An introduced species first found in the northeastern states and since has spread to most of the country.

Moved from Common Sawflies.

Moved from Sawflies.

Do not frass!
This is a great series! If we can figure out what the plant was, we might be able to give you a species on the wasp.

Eutomostethus??? not sure

i will look into the plant, or take a picture of it. thanks Eric.

Plant appears to be Cleavers (Galium aparine), a sprawling, prickly species of bedstraw found mainly in forest habitats. This is the one that commonly wraps itself around your ankles as you walk through the woods.