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now Datana perfusa

Spotted Datana (Datana perspicua)

now Datana perfusa

Perhaps Datana perspicua?

genus Datana

How about Datana perspicua ?



Datana perspicua


Certainly one of the Datana

Datana perfusa

possibly Spotted Datana

Looks like ...

Looks like Datana sp.

Datana perspicua - Spotted Datana - Hodges#7908

I would guess

Notodontidae: Datana perspicua?

I don't know Datana species well,

Possibly ...

Could this be

Now Datana cochise


Datana perspicua



I uploaded this to BugGuide b

Datana perspicua


Moved for Expert ID

Looks like

The plant

Hostplant suggests (but doesn't confirm):

7908 - Datana perspicua

Datana perspicua

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Vernon Antoine Brou Jr.