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Sam Houston, Contributor
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Sam Houston
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Sand Springs, Oklahoma USA

I'm an Oklahoma native and have always lived in the country and when I say I've lived in the country I don't mean on the outskirts of town or that I visited the country on weekends. I mean that I actually lived and grew up in the country. I love being outside and in the woods. In college (way back when) I took entomology, zoology, biology, and botany classes, among others of course, but I enjoyed these the most and it taught me some basics in each as well as some taxonomy. Because I'm from the country I thought I'd seen just about every type of critter (insects,fish,mammals,reptiles,amphibians) Oklahoma has to offer until I became a member of this site. I soon found out that maybe I didn't know as much as I thought. I really enjoy learning things. I have always tried to teach my children that "knowledge is power" and I strongly believe that. The more you can know the better prepared you are to face the world.
To make a living I'm an engineering supervisor, which means I don't really do any work. Seriously, I deal a lot with math, trig and computers, which I really enjoy, at my job. But, if I didn't have to have money, I would be in the woods somewhere fishing or taking pictures of critters or just being out there.