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I'm a little old lady who plays with bugs and gets way too emotionally involved with them. I have no formal education, background, or experience in entomology, so calling myself an amateur is aiming high.

My purpose here is to learn what I can and share observations while I can, as I believe that large numbers of species that we enjoy or gripe about or ignore will no longer be here for future generations as humans continue to destroy habitat and disrupt ecosystems. What I value most in entomology is preservation and conservation, which I think is most critical in these times of apathy and ignorance. This site contributes in invaluable ways by making entomology accessible, allowing amateurs to interact with experts in learning to appreciate the magnificent world of insects.

In my very limited and recent experience of observing creatures, I have handraised many critters. I'm on the periphery of entomology in that I rear creatures and get to know them intimately in simulated natural environments.
My current projects are:


and Oecanthinae: .

The creature I know best is Labidomera clivicollis, as I have handraised them in the hundreds.
See article here:

Second is Oncopeltus fasciatus, the first bug I raised in large numbers and got to know well. With these guys, I raised Oncopeltus sexmaculatus and just a few Lygaeus kalmii.
See article here:

In addition, I have raised a couple dozen species of butterflies and moths (including crazy numbers of Papilio polyxenes and Danaus (gilippus and plexippus)) and miscellaneous other critters. Unlike normal people, I name and get very attached to my bugs. And in my love for them, I get to know them intimately through all their stages of development. Observing their behaviour keeps me rapt.

My bug love is credited to bug named Angel, an Oncopeltus fasciatus who came home with me on a plant from a nursery. Falling deeply in love with Angel is what started it all.

Angel (left) and his first wife:

I use google with username dvoripix if anyone wants to get in touch.

My Flickr albums are here:
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