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Chris Hartley, Contributor
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Chris Hartley
Contact: To contact me, remove the NOSPAM from my email address.
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St. Louis, MO USA

I have loved insects all my life. I completed my Masters degree in entomology at the University of Georgia in 2005. My thesis was a taxonomic revision of the genus Akalyptoischion in the beetle family Latridiidae (and which has since been raised to its own family, Akalyptoischiidae). I currently work at The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO as Coordinator of Science Education Programs.

I have learned a tremendous amount from Bug Guide, so I want to publicly thank all the editors, the experts, and every other contributor who has helped identify my submissions.

Also, I only want pictures that add value to the guide in the guide, so my feelings won't be hurt if something of mine ends up in the frass. My own identification skills have been vastly improved by having my frassable images identified!