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Timothy X Loeffler, Contributor
Full name:
Timothy X Loeffler
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City, state, country:
Northeastern Indiana, USA

I am a college student very interested in entomology.
I have a collection of insects comprising of around 1500 specimens. I am particularly interested in Papaipema, Catocala, Speyeria and Saturniidae. I may be interested in exchanging specimens.
I live in Whitley County, Indiana.
I was honored to win the best insect collection a the Indiana State Fair in 2019.
I have raised various insects including Papilionidae, Nymphalidae(Speyeria), Noctuidae(Papaipema), Erebidae(Apantesis), Saturniidae and Sphingidae.

I enjoy many other hobbies including stamp and coin collecting, juggling, unicycling and cooking.

Favorite USA Moth: Eacles imperialis
Favorite USA Butterfly: Speyeria idalia
Tim Loeffler