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you may send me email to MY REAL EMAIL ADDRESS (not the one above) by putting any name you like then the @ symbol, followed by missmightymouse -dot- com. Please be sure to put BUG GUIDE somewhere in the title so your note will not get moved to spam.
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Southern NJ, just outside of Philly

Small superhero who is a bit of a geek--bugs, languages, space, flowers, wine, macs, science and more science. I love to learn something new every day. I became interested in moths two years ago, after finding a beautiful and large eacles imperialis on my wall. I'm certainly not a professional lep person, but I like good detective work.

I'm nearly done with my Ph.D. in behavior analysis (human behavior, that is). My professional specialty is autism. I know a great deal about medicine by personal necessity (see my personal website if you want to know more). I am the full time administrator of a medical support website and find coming to Bug Guide as a useful distraction to remind me of the beauty and intricacy of all forms of life.

I also am interested in Buddhist teachings, traveling the world. Sadly, I cannot post all my lovely moths from Mexico here--my propensity for snapping bug photos anywhere i am has earned me another nickname, other than Mighty Mouse--it's 'Bug Girl'.

Here's my favorite insect artist-- she makes all her art from things like paper, plastic, cardboard, etc. I own a piece she custom made for me--and I stare at it nearly every day.


p.s. The "8" would be my set of mouse ears
[Trapped in a Scooby-Doo parody]
Mighty Mouse: I can feel my I.Q. getting lower by the minute!