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I am a new graduate student in the Evolutionary Biology Program at San Diego State University where I will be studying patterns of evolution and phylogeography in arachnids. My interests span the evolution of arthropod-microbe endosymbioses, social parasitism in insects, arachnids (especially Linyphiids and Salticids), and Diptera. I like to contribute observations of species that are not yet in the guide or poorly represented whenever possible

All images submitted by me are taken by myself unless otherwise stated. Some of the images are taken using a Leica camera microscope setup, and others were taken using a Lumix digital camera.
If you are interested in corresponding about or making a request for a specimen please email me at

Higher resolution images for most of the specimens submitted here can be found at my Flickr page:
Please ask permission and provide credit if you would like to use an image.