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Peter Cristofono, Contributor
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Peter Cristofono
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Salem, Massachusetts, USA

35 new species for BugGuide (8 beetles, 7 leafhoppers and 6 other true bugs, 5 flies, 3 moths, 1 bee, 1 wasp, 1 ant, 1 spider, 1 booklouse and 1 springtail). In addition, 2 flies have been identified to a new genus, but not yet to species, and 1 mite to a new family:

My Flickr photos are here:
Insects and Spiders of New England

Jumping Spider

I am also a contributer to, the "Mineral Guide." My mineral photos are here:

I am also the author of the book Rockhounding New England (Falcon Guides/Globe Pequot Press, 2014).