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Kristine Parkgross, Contributor
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Kristine Parkgross
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Berlin NJ, USA

I’m a sub-dweller meaning I live in a basement efficiency Apt and have been waging a battle with Mother Nature’ smallest of creatures... INSECTS AND BUGS! (Of every kind!) Being allergic to spiders (of all kinds!) I keep a close eye on what is found in my personal space and as per my agreement with Mother Nature, am trying NOT to kill everything that gets in, I know I’m way out numbered but karma keeps me in check as I really don’t like killing anything but again it is MY PERSONAL SPACE! So I’ll be using this website mostly for identifying purposes unless something is interesting to someone, you can copy, dwnld, & paste to your hearts content, as long as you tell me what it is, I’m cool with it, lol. TTFN ✌🏼