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John R. Maxwell, Contributing Editor
Full name:
John R. Maxwell
City, state, country:
Marlton, NJ, USA

Please feel free to Frass any of my images that do not contribute to the guide. Explanations are appreciated as they will help me learn from my mistakes. Any of my images that are sub-par should be frassed without prejudice. I only want images with value in the guide. I would rather have the single best image somewhere, rather than the most poor images everywhere. I keep no track of my records, counts, or firsts.

If you are not an editor, but have suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment on my images or email me.

I live in a suburban neighborhood built into the NJ Pine Barrens. So I have 30 feet of grass and ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers, surrounded by a 40ft. tall and 50 foot wide strip of Pitch Pine and scrub oak Forest, separating me from a fairway on a golf course. So I get a little of everything. I take most of my pictures on the side of my house (sorry).

My camera is just a point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot (SD1000 Digital Elph). Although it is possible that all of my bad shots should be blamed on the fact that I shoot hand-held. I do hope to get a DSLR some day. Maybe something like the Sony Alpha?!?! Please be kind until I do. :-)
Note: 9/12/08 I started using a SD1100 IS for some images.

My size measurements are in the form "Size: Maybe around" because I shoot live insects and take a few images getting a ruler as close as possible without scaring the bug away. This allows a little room for the inaccuracy caused by this procedure.

I have no formal training in this field, I just read a lot of guide pages and the comments on interesting images.
Member since 1 September, 2007

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