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Jeffrey A. Heupel, WHN., Contributor
Full name:
Jeffrey A. Heupel, WHN.
City, state, country:
Minnesota USA

I enjoy studying Insect and Spider Behavior and Natural History, and also Ornithology, and Medical and Forensic Entomology. I also enjoy Jean-Henri Fabre's books immensely.

Member of: (AAS) American Arachnological Society, (ESA) Entomological Society of America, (NAFEA) North American Forensic Entomology Association.

I use a Canon PowerShot Pro Series S5 IS, and Bioquip and Amscope microscopes and Celestron and Amscope digital microscope cameras.

I also am a CERTIFIED WILDLIFE HABITAT NATURALIST. I have been certified by the Windstar Wildlife Institute and had my yard certified as a wildlife habitat by the WWI, and the National Wildlife Federation.