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Collin Stempien, Contributor
Full name:
Collin Stempien
City, state, country:
Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA

Much of my time has been spent studying and working with birds, but I've recently (as of 2021) become fascinated with insects. Perhaps my primary interest is hoppers, but I've inevitably grown increasingly interested in moths, and especially micros. Calling myself a novice might be boastful at this point, but I'm certainly enjoying the process of learning new groups. I'm currently living in Mississippi, and I've enjoyed undertaking the task of trying to fill in gaps on BugGuide in a grossly underrepresented state. Although some of my observations are common species that are simply filling in state gaps, others have been fairly significant. I certainly wouldn't have many of these records if it weren't for the expert help of many people. Hopefully I'm not driving you all too crazy with id help/confirmation requests.

New additions to the Mississippi BugGuide database here (currently 125+)