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Gacko, Contributor

I was born and lived as a child in central Africa where I experienced unspoiled wildlife around me. One of my favorite memories is that of catching pink and black-striped lady beetles and, I must also say, that when termites and what we called locusts (I think they were really a species of Conehead Katydids) swarmed--it was snack time! (A quick saute in a little butter in a very hot skillet, sprinkle with salt...mmmm!) I also naturally love to sort and label things--which is what I do--help individuals and organizations de-clutter and organize! I love birds, wildflowers and bugs but, with due respect to the true collecting entomologists, I always thought collecting dead bugs in my house was kind of gross. So I was thrilled when I discovered the happy combination of the digital camera, the computer, and Bug Guide! My "Gacko" name came about because the first-born grandson got naming rights. I live in Desoto,Texas, just south of Dallas--in what is considered "north-central Texas." At times, even though the data points from TX are well-filled, if most of them are from the hill country or coastal counties, I may go ahead and post my image. My deeply-felt thanks to the editors who take time to study and identify my rather poor photos. My feelings are not hurt if an editor sends one of my photos to Frass!