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Joshua P. Basham, Contributing Editor
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Joshua P. Basham
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McMinnville, TN, USA

I have been a lab technician at the Tennessee State University Otis L. Floyd Nursery Research Center (TSU NRC) in McMinnville, TN since 2001. My main projects are working with injurious insect pests of nursery stock such as wood boring insects especially buprestids, cerambycids, ambrosia beetles, and also Japanese beetles, and imported fire ants.
January 2016, I became a Plant Inspector for TN Dept of Agriculture. I inspected nurseries, plant dealers and other places that deal in rooted live plants. I helped enforce state and federal quarantines for regulated pests such as the emerald ash borer, Japanese beetle and the imported fire ants.
January 2020, I took a job with USDA APHIS as a PPQ and Plant Health & Trade Compliance Officer.
Joshua P. Basham