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When you contact me offline, make sure to include links to the item(s) in question. I may disregard Qs about household insects and take my time to reply.

I do not automatically subscribe to submissions I comment: please contact me directly if you see any of your specific questions unanswered for at least two weeks.
I do not take "data points" into consideration when deciding to frass images, unless they reflect unpublished state records or expand BG data considerably; records should be based on preserved specimens; photographs are inadequate evidence.
MS in entomology, with a nerdy bias towards tiny arthropods and otherwise obscure, uncharismatic taxa. I tend to stay away from those groups where one may expect species to have common names or subspecies. Most of what I know about the Nearctic fauna I owe to this site and people I have met here.

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I immensely appreciate the generosity of those who make their photographs available online for everybody to use, no strings attached. This is the right thing to do, a priceless service to science and education and an example to others. There are lots of quality images that people took great pains to produce so we can use them freely and fill the gaps in the guide. Special thanks to those who go out of their way to take pictures for BugGuide upon my requests.

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