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Bill Reynolds, Contributing Editor
Full name:
Bill Reynolds
E-mail address:
City, state, country:
Raleigh, NC, USA

Professional Biologist (Employed 20+ years) with Experience in the following:

Oversee the curation & management of the living arthropod & invertebrate collections & exhibits; insect/arthropod/invertebrate propagation & husbandry; design & maintain terrestrial, freshwater & marine systems; curate preserved educational insect/invert. collections & displays; oversee and participate in specimen preservation, preparation, mounts & display; manage the USDA permitting (& USFWS permits as applicable); develop and enforce policies & protocols; manage the budget, inventories and purchase of supplies; supervise & participate in the collection & acquisition of specimens; supervise and train staff, interns & volunteers; supervise assoc. education & programming; participate with all special events featuring Invertebrates; partnership & program development; provide educational & institutional support for invert. related programs & projects; media related programming (TV, Radio, Social Media, News Papers & Magazines); provide information, materials, and specimens for scientific publications; organize & lead field trips/collecting trips; arthropod/insect identification; plant identification & husbandry (field botany & horticulture); and Acting Registrar for the institution's live animal collections

Personal endeavors
* Pursue Independent Projects in the Field of Entomology
* Insect Collecting/Maintain a Large Private Collection (Hobbyist)
* Collection Preparation & Preservation Techniques
* Rearing Native Butterflies, Moths & Beetles
* Botany & Horticulture (plant propagation and gardening)
* Herpetology (esp. Native Rat Snakes)
* Participate in "Citizen Science Projects"
* Participate in Local BioBlitz Projects
* Design & Deliver Educational Programming (focus on Entomology, Invert's & Plants)

Please NOTE: This is a Personal Account; all associated posts, images, identifications, comments & opinions are my own and are not to be considered nor interpreted as those of my employer - nor as institutional endorsements on my behalf.
Bill Reynolds