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Gerry Bunker, Contributor
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Gerry Bunker
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North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA

I'm an independent researcher that focuses primarily on Cicadas with a minor interest in Cicada Killers. I have been studying cicadas since 2004 with a focus on the cicada species of New England. I've been fascinated with Cicadas since I was about 10 years old while growing up in Maryland.

I've also studied the emergence of Brood X Periodical Cicadas in 2004 in the mid-atlantic states and also any straggling evidence for the year 2005 in the same areas.

Most recently, I worked with the folks at the University of Connecticut's Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Lab to map the distribution of Brood XIII Periodical Cicadas that appeared in the mid-west in 2007.

I am a recipient of a Grant from the Maria Mitchell Museum on Nantucket Island and studied cicada species there and made some signficant discoveries. I also was co-recipient of a grant from National Geographic to map the distribution of the Brood XIV Periodical Cicadas on Cape Cod in 2008.

I was lead author in a joint project to study the distibution of Tibicen chloromerus (now known as Tibicen tibicen)in Connecticut which was published by the American Entomological Society in late 2007. To download the paper click here.

I still have two more papers in draft form ready for publication.

My Periodical Cicada web site.
My Massachusetts Cicadas web site.