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Shannon Donavan, Contributor
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Shannon Donavan
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Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

I love insects! I have been fascinated with them since early childhood. Having been born and raised in Tampa, Florida I have the privilege of being surrounded by a vast amount of beautiful and diverse species year round.
I have no formal education with Entomology, but throughout the years I have studied them with an ever increasing passion, and were I to have to choose one, Hymenoptera seems to be my personal favorite.
I do not collect, or kill living insects, My collection is a catalog photographs. While I do try to catch them in their natural surroundings, Most of my decent shots come from simply holding the specimen. I found it eliminates alot of problems I have with blurry pictures. (due in part to my lack of photography skills, as well as not using expensive equipment)
I realize that saying "thank you" whenever anyone helps me will send them an -unwanted- email, so please know that I very much appreciate any and all help I receive here even if I do not reply :-)
Shannon Donavan