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R. Berg, Contributor

Location: Alameda County, California
Size: 65 in. (165 cm)
Sex: Female

Soon after my husband and I got a digital camera, in February 2009, the macro bug and the bug bug bit me. An amazing variety of tiny creatures conduct their lives, mostly unnoticed until now, in our urban yard.

All photos show creatures found in that yard unless the description says otherwise.

First BugGuide photos for these taxa

Species Sitona lepidus
(clover root weevil)

Undescribed Volucella species
(syrphid fly)

Species Tinocallis takachihoensis
(elm aphid)

Species Epuraea imperialis

Genus Neotoxoptera: N. formosana
(onion aphid)

Species Blastobasis maroccanella
(scavenger moth)

Species Liriomyza trifoliearum
(leaf-miner fly)
. . .

Genus Borkhausenia:
B. nefrax

Species Seira, undescribed sp. 13

Species Vrilletta blaisdelli (beetle)

Species Vrilletta murrayi (beetle]

Species Haplophthalmus danicus (woodlouse)

Subfamily Acizziinae:
Acizzia uncatoides (psyllid)

Species Cacopsylla fatsiae (psyllid)

Species Heteroecus sp., "Weld #99": galls
(undescribed cynipid wasp)

Species Paracraspis patelloides: gall
(cynipid wasp)

Genus Bothriothorax
(parasitic wasp)

Species Meriola arcifera

Species Eupteryx decemnotata

Genus Esperia: E. sulphurella

Tribe Oligotrophini: galls of
"Dasineura" silvestrii (midge)

Subspecies Hippodamia quinquesignata
(lady beetle)

Species Rhyzobius forestieri
(lady beetle)

Species Scymnus marginicollis
(dusky lady beetle)

Species Magdalis barbicornis

Species Typhlocyba prunicola

Genus Symmoca: S. signatella (moth)

Species Brevicoryne brassicae (aphid)

Unidentified species of Podabrus
(soldier beetle)

Species Hellinsia grandis
(plume moth)

Species Platyptilia williamsi
(calendula plume moth)
. . .

Leaf mines by larvae
in family Nepticulidae

Leaf mines by larvae of
Stigmella microtheriella

Galls of mite Eriophyes mackiei
on oak leaf

Leaf blotch mine by larva of
Cameraria shenaniganensis (moth)

Species Clepsis fucana (moth)

Subfamily Panchaetothripinae (thrips):
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis

First BugGuide photos from California

Species Stictopleurus punctiventris
(scentless plant bug)

Genus Scatopse (scavenger fly)

Genus Psychoda (moth fly)

Species Argyresthia calliphanes

Species Phymatodes nitidus
(long-horned beetle)

Genus Tinocallis (aphid)

Family Trichoniscidae: Haplophthalmus

Family Blaniulidae (millipede)

Species Sphaerophoria contigua
(syrphid fly)

Tribe Trechini: Trechus obtusus
(ground beetle)

Species Ceutorhynchus obstrictus
(Cabbage Seedpod Weevil)

Genus Priophorus: P. brullei

Subfamily Amphinemurinae (spring stoneflies)

Species Parazygiella dispar
(orb weaver)

Genus Dendrocerus (parasitic wasp)

Species Sympetrum pallipes (dragonfly)
Three specimens, same day

Genus Chionaspis (scale insect)

Genus Pasiphila: P. rectangulata
(pug moth)

Genus Anoscopus: A. serratulae

Genus Dactylosternum (beetle)

Genus Scaphoideus (leafhopper)

Genus Polygonia: P. gracilis zephyrus
(Zephyr Anglewing)

Subgenus Pterostichus (Bothriopterus)
(woodland ground beetle)

Genus Leptalia: L. macilenta
(longhorned flower beetle)

Genus Euplectrus (parasitic wasp)

Subspecies Podabrus p. pruinosus
(soldier beetle)

Family Pamphiliidae (webspinning
and leafrolling sawflies):
Onycholyda sitkensis

Genus Tachyporus (rove beetle)

Species Habronattus klauseri
(jumping spider)

Species Araneus nordmanni
(orb weaver)

Species Macrosiphum rosae
(rose aphid)

Leaf mines by larvae of
Phytomyza agromyzina (fly)

Species Microlinyphia mandibulata
(platform spider)

Species Myrmecophilus oregonensis
(Oregon ant cricket)

Genus Sylvicola (wood gnats):
S. fenestralis

Species Epinotia subviridis (moth)

Species Aradus falleni
(flat bug)

Genus Alebra:
A. wahlbergi

Genus Dikrella:
D. californica

Genus Ribautiana:
R. tenerrima

Species Nemapogon granella (moth)

Family Anisopodidae (wood gnats)

Genus Pegomya (root-maggot fly)
Left, eggs; right, leaf mine and juvenile

Better photo of eggs:

(Probably) genus Takecallis
(bamboo aphids)

Genus Franklinothrips:
F. vespiformis

(predatory thrips)
Left, juvenile; right, adult

Genus Dalopius
(click beetle)

Genus Eupteryx: E. melissae
(sage leafhopper)

Genus Metaphidippus: M. manni
(jumping spider)

Species Eupithecia rotundopuncta (moth)

Genus Aeolus (click beetle)

Order Oribatida (soil mites)

Genus Trichocera
(winter crane flies)

Species Ligia pallasii
(rock louse)

Genus Saissetia
(soft scale)

Species Metellina mimetoides
(orb weaver)

Genus Phalangium: P. opilio

Family Platypezidae
(flat-footed flies)

Genus Polyporivora:
P. polypori

(flat-footed fly)

Genus Typhlocyba: T. rosae
(rose leafhopper)

Genus Stictopleurus
(scentless plant bug)

Family Onychiuridae (springtail)

Family Pipunculidae
(big-headed fly)

Species Xanthorhoe defensaria
(geometrid moth)

Species Cladius difformis (sawfly)

Genus Coccus (soft scale)

Genus Triphleba (scuttle fly)

Species Holcostethus limbolarius (stinkbug)

Species Euleia fratria (fruit fly)

Genus Phytomyza (leaf-miner fly)

Species Entomobrya intermedia

Species Hypera postica
(alfalfa leaf weevil)

Genus Grotea: G. californica
(ichneumon wasp)

Genus Lyctocoris
(minute pirate bug)

Life-cycle series:

Gray hairstreak, Strymon melinus
. . .

Moth, Pyramidobela angelarum
(Buddleia budworm)
A first in this genus for BugGuide
. . .

Lady beetle, Cycloneda polita
. . .

Moth, Sabulodes aegrotata
(Omnivorous Looper)
. . .

Moth, probably Nemapogon molybdanella
A first in this species for BugGuide
. . .

Moth, Acleris variegana
. . .

Moth, Pero sp.
. . .

Another Pero
. . .

Butterfly, Papilio z. zelicaon
(Anise Swallowtail)
. . .

Stink bug, Thyanta custator
(Red-shouldered Stink Bug)
. . .

Planthopper, Siphanta acuta
(Torpedo Bug)
. . .

Butterfly, Pieris rapae
(Cabbage White)
. . .

Umber Skipper, Poanes melane
. . .

Other series:

Juvenile cross orb weaver, Araneus diadematus, molting

Lady beetle, Psyllobora vigintimaculata,
emerging from pupation

Lady beetle, Cycloneda polita,
emerging from pupation

Spider, interrupted

Mating behavior
in false honey ant,
Prenolepis imparis

A mother crab spider,
Misumenops sp.,

and her brood

Buzz off, buddy
(gender IDs requested)