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T. Gilliam, Contributor
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T. Gilliam
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Gates, North Carolina, USA

My first name is Tollie - no, it is not short for anything, and yes, it is my real name (I was named after my Great-Grandfather - English roots on his side of the family). Born and raised in Kentucky - spent 34 years there. Currently live in Northeast North Carolina - coastal plain, specifically drained swamp land. Lots of swamps and bogs around ...

BS in Wildlife Management, Murray State University
MS in Animal Behavior/Behavioral Ecology, Murray State University

Amateur ornithologist, herpetologist and dendrologist - key word is amateur ... I was bitten by the entomology bug while photographing herps in my backyard for the Carolina Herp Atlas. I have been a shutter bug for the past twenty-five years, though I am relatively new to digital photography. My particular area of interst in all things Arthropod lies in the critters I have found associated with sunflowers (Helianthus annuus). My current goal is to catalogue all of the macro fauna I find associated with these magnificent plants. I figure this will keep me busy for a few years, anyway. If anyone has any questions/comments/suggestions/bug-chasing requests, etc., feel free to e-mail me anytime (the e-mail address is spelled with a "Q", not a "G"). I may not respond immediately, but I will respond. Thank you all for your kindness and ID assistance!

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