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Erick Adams, Contributor
Full name:
Erick Adams
City, state, country:
Olympia, Washington, USA

I have a B.S. in Plant Science from Cornell University. While I was there I had the opportunity to take some entomology classes and a passion for arthropods stuck. I make my living as a horticulturist. My interests are mostly in woody plants. Arctostaphylos is a current favorite as well as Asian flora, particularly that of Japan. My hobbies include woodcraft, stonework, pottery, and macro-photography.

My Current Interests:

I am interested in most Dipterans & Hymenopterans as well as anything with a lot of spines, hairs, pitting or interesting architecture. I prefer things at the small end of the spectrum.

Particularly enjoying:

Parasitic Apocrita
Craneflies, Gnats, Mosquitoes & Midges
Hoppers (tree, leaf, plant or otherwise)