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Brady Richards, Contributing Editor
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Just a bit above Paradise, CA

I have an M.S. in Biology from Arkansas State University. For my thesis, I surveyed the whirligig beetles of Arkansas. Starting in 1993, I have made a living identifying aquatic invertebrates for various water quality and bioassessment projects on regional and national scales. Since 2001, I have been working at the California Fish & Wildlife's Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory (ABL) where I serve as the lab's External QC Taxonomist in addition to my "normal" identification duties.

Like all those who perform identifications for aquatic bioassessment studies, I have a broad working knowledge of all aquatic invertebrate taxa. I have special interest in and am working on several research projects involving Coleoptera, and Heteroptera. My hobbies, if you can call them that, include learning the terrestrial Coleoptera and winter stoneflies and....

Moving Images. If I moved an image you posted to the guide, it means I provided an identification of your specimen. If you have questions about how I arrived at that identification, or if you disagree with my identification, please contact me either in the thread or via email. I’m always happy to discuss bugs and how to identify them. I won’t ignore polite inquiries, but sometimes it may take me a while to respond.

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