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Ted C. MacRae, Contributing Editor
Full name:
Ted C. MacRae
E-mail address:
Please contact me through my website: Beetles in the Bush.
City, state, country:
Wildwood, Missouri, U.S.A.

Primary interests:
- Worldwide Buprestidae, emphasis on New World (recent BugGuide postings)
- Nearctic Cerambycidae (recent BugGuide postings)
- Nearctic Cicindelidae (recent BugGuide postings)
- Missouri Coleoptera

Current research projects:
- Tiger beetles of Missouri
- Larval host associations of Nearctic Buprestidae and Cerambycidae (determined by rearing)
- Revision of Nearctic Taphrocerus (Buprestidae)
- Buprestidae of Mexico

I also maintain a website called Beetles In The Bush - featuring essays and photographs of insects (especially beetles) and their hosts, the habitats and natural communities in which they occur, and the landscapes harboring them. I also discuss their taxonomy and relationship with botany, geology, and natural history.

A list of my publications is located at my website with links to PDFs of all papers. I can also send hard reprints or photocopies if desired.

Ted MacRae
Rio Grande Village, Big Bend National Park, Texas
June 2003
“I feel like an old war-horse at the sound of a trumpet when I read about the capture of rare beetles." Charles Darwin (1809-1882)