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Martin Hauser, Contributing Editor
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Martin Hauser
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Martin Hauser
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Sacramento CA USA

Born in Germany, I always wanted to become an Entomologist, since I was very young. I started reading books about insects before I was 10 and collected the first insects when I was 14. I went to the University in Darmstadt to receive a MS in Zoology and then worked for 2 years as an intern in the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart. My second passion (or obsession?) is to travel. So I met on a field trip to Israel Mike Irwin (Illinois) and we immediately clicked, because we were both collecting flies in the middle of the desert. Later I became his student and received a MS and a PhD in Entomology in Illinois (UIUC). After working as a postdoc in the California Department for Food and Agriculture in Sacramento, I move to Columbia SC for research assistant professor position, teaching Entomology. After teaching for 2 semesters (something I enjoyed a lot), I got a position as a Dipterist at the CDFA and now I am back in Sacramento!
My special group of interest is flies, but I have a strong interest in Hymenoptera and some beetle groups. I still have some countries left to visit and a lot of new species left to describe, so it won't get boring in the future.