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E Moon, Contributing Editor
City, state, country:
Central Texas

We are doing wildlife management and prairie restoration on about 80 acres. More about this project is on my website (reorganization of the "land" section is underway; there are lots of pictures in the photo section.) My biology background wasn't heavy on invertebrates, but I'm learning as fast as I can. Basically, if it's out there, I'm interested--plants, animals, rocks (with fossils, o boy!) and all. I enjoy photography at every level from quick snapshots (what's that? Take its picture and find out later when I can get to books and the internet) to careful studies of birds, flowers, insects, etc.

One of my projects is a photographic record of everything living on the place, year around. So far, I've photographed a mere 230 or so species of the animals from ticks to ringtailed cats, and don't have a count of how many plants. This is clearly more than I can accomplish in the rest of my life, since I may never *find* everything living on the place, but...I'll never be bored.

Eventually I hope to write a book about the process of small-acreage restoration.