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Jack Senzig, Contributing Editor
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Jack Senzig
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Racine, WI USA

I want to know a name for everything that lives on my farm. I collect photos of insects, plants and animals I encounter there. I appreciate the help I receive here on BugGuide.

In my other life I am a public school teacher, director of viral YouTube videos, executive director for a non-profit, leader of an international online professional community with over 2000 members. I am gifted at creating community and have an eye for marketing. I have also survived a national political cyber-bullying attack so don't believe everything you read. Peace and love!

Apparent 1st reported state records for Wisconsin on BG:

Acrocercops albinatella - Hodges#0689
Dioryctria disclusa - Hodges#5847
Framinghamia helvalis - Hodges#5262
Lacosoma chiridota - Hodges#7659
Menesta melanella - Hodges#1031
Ostrinia penitalis - Hodges#4946
Parapoynx allionealis - Hodges#4764
Pyrausta subsequalis - Hodges#5060
Hyperstrotia nana - Hodges#9035
Chionodes praeclarella - Hodges#2075
Ancylis burgessiana - Hodges#3367
Thyraylia nana - Hodges#3778
Abrupt Epiblema Moth - Hodges#3173
Niditinea sabroskyi - Hodges#0412.1
Euclemensia bassettella Hodges#1467
Jack Senzig