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Sasha Azevedo, Contributor
Full name:
Sasha Azevedo
City, state, country:
Charleston, SC - USA

10+ years on BugGuide - contributor since 2005!! :) ♥

Photo & Art Design by Sasha Azevedo

Welcome to my BugGuide page! I'm a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina with a special interest in entomology and insect photography! I'm fascinated by insects and enjoy learning as much as I can about them ~ especially those that come across my lens! ;) I've been a BugGuide member since 2005, and have learned a lot from this site!! :)

If you'd like to use my photos for personal, educational or non-commercial use, please feel free to do so! :) If you're an educator, entomologist or non-profit organization and you're seeking a photo of a specific insect that's not posted on here for a publication or project, please contact me with what you're looking for because I might be able to help! I've taken over 20,000 high-res, quality insect photos since 2005, mostly in the state of South Carolina, with the exceptions of Missouri, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and California. I would be more than happy to help you out if I can! :)

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