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Jan Metlevski , Contributor
Full name:
Jan Metlevski
City, state, country:
Manhattan, Kansas

My first name is equivalent of English John and sounds like Yan; it has nothing common with the name Janet. I am originally from Lithuania, a small country in Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. I started collecting moths and butterflies when I was 7 years old kid. My passion didn't disappear with age, just got modified and now I collect noctuids only. Back in Europe I used to go to collecting expeditions every year starting from 1989 and I collected in southeastern part of European Russia, in Far East of Russia and in such countries as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia. I live in USA (Kansas) from 2002 and I try to keep my habits here too. So far I have collected moths in Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and in Kansas of course. I am a professional entomologist and I am working at the Department of Entomology in Kansas State University. My scientific interests are systematics, biodiversity and biogeography of the owlet moths (Noctuidae).
Jan Metlevski