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Tim R. Moyer, Contributing Editor
Full name:
Tim R. Moyer
E-mail address:
City, state, country:
Medford, NJ

The beetles of Medford New Jersey

I grew up in the suburbs west of Reading PA in the 70's & 80's and went on "butterfly safaris" with an older neighbor boy when I was a mere lad. At the time we only ventured as far as we could walk, and those fields have long grown their final crop - colonials and ranchers. The need for work has brought me to South Jersey (and a similar farm/sprawl mix), but my bug interest has remained a source of relaxation.

I enjoy the collecting and taxonomy aspects of entomology, especially the beetles. Most images posted since Jan 2011 are from an APS-C sensor DSLR, many using 4x and 10x microscope objectives for the lens, and stacked using Zerene Stacker. Microscope objectives provide very high resolution, making magnifications between 2x and 10x on the 24mm (horizontal) APS-C sensor. All photos posted before Jan 2011 were shot with a Canon A6x0 and S series Powershots, with a reverse-mounted 50mm f1.4 SLR lens, which provides a ~23mm field at 28mm focal length, ~11mm field at 44mm, and ~5mm field at 72mm, and employ a Canon firmware hack to "step" through multiple focus distances. Those images are then montaged using Helicon Focus software.

I'm attempting to survey the beetles from Medford, NJ, a suburban township (mostly built-out to the allowed densities) primarily in the Pine Barrens, with a smaller area of upland forest/farms, north of Route 70. From collecting beginning in 2006, the number as of 2017 stands at greater than 600 species from 60 Families (see list below - blue text links to BugGuide photos). This effort has thus far proven very enjoyable and is expanding my collecting knowledge and techniques tremendously. Many thanks to those from this site who have shared their experience, determinations, and new collecting ideas.

Here's the species collected as of 2017

Order COLEOPTERA Linnaeus, 1758

Current Count = 600 (from 60 Families)

Suborder Archostemata
Family Cupedidae - Reticulated Beetles [1]
Family Micromalthidae - Telephone-pole Beetles [2]
Suborder Myxophaga
Family Microsporidae - Minute Bog Beetles [3]
Family Hydroscaphidae - Skiff Beetles [4]

Suborder Adephaga
Family Rhysodidae - Wrinkled Bark Beetles [5]
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles [6]
Subfamily Omophroninae
Omophron labiatum
Subfamily Carabinae
Subfamily Nebriinae
Subfamily Elaphrinae
Subfamily Promecognathinae
Subfamily Cicindelinae - Tiger Beetles
Cicindela punctulata
Cicindela sexguttata (observed)
Subfamily Scaritinae
Clivina americana
Clivina collaris
Clivina dentipes
Clivina impressefrons
Dyschirius erythrocerus
Dyschirius haemorrhoidalis
Paraclivina bipustulata
Semiardistomis viridis
Subfamily Trechinae
Bembidion affine
Bembidion americanum
Bembidion confusum
Bembidion impotens
Bembidion mimus
Bembidion patruele
Bembidion rapidum
Bembidion versicolor
Bembidion sp #4 subgenus Trapanedoris (= anguliferum gp.)

Elaphropus anceps
Elaphropus quadrisignatus First record N.Amer.
Elaphropus vivax
Elaphropus xanthopus
Elaphropus sp.
Elaphropus sp. #2
Elaphropus sp. #3
Pericompsus ephippiatus
Polyderis laevis
Trachys proximus
Tachys pumilus
Tachys scitulus
Subfamily Harpalinae
Leptotrachelus dorsalis
Chlaenius pennsylvanicus
Chlaenius tricolor
Acupalpus indistinctus
Acupalpus partiarius
Acupalpus pauperculus
Acupalpus testaceous
Agonderus lineola
Agonoleptus conjunctus
Amphasia sericeus
Anisodactylus caenus
Anisodactylus harrisi
Anisodactylus laetus
Anisodactylus sanctaecrucis
Bradycellus rupestris
Bradycellus tantillus
Geopinus incrassatus
Harpalus caliginasus
Harpalus pennsylvanicus
Harpalus herbivagus
Notiobia terminata
Philodes rectangulus
Selenophorus opalinus
Stenolophus fuscatus
Stenolophus comma
Stenolophus lecontei
Stenolophus lineola
Stenolophus ochropezus
Stenolophus spretus
Trichotichnus fulgens
Tetragonoderus fasciatus
Perigona nigriceps
Agonum aeruginosum
Agonum decorum
Agonum lutulentum
Agonum melanarium
Agonum octopunctatum
Agonum placidum
Platynus cincticollis
Platynus sp.
Myas coracinus
Poecilus chalcites
Colliuris pennsylvanicus
Oodes amaroides
Coptodera aerata
Lebia analis
Lebia atriventris
Lebia fuscata
Lebia grandis
Lebia pulchella
Lebia solea
Lebia tricolor
Lebia viridis
Lebia viridipennis
Plochionus timidus
Amara apricaria
Amara rubrica
Zuphium americanum
Subfamily Brachininae

Family Gyrinidae - Whirligig Beetles [7]
Dineutus sp.
Family Haliplidae - Crawling Water Beetles [8]
Haliplus sp.
Peltodytes edentulus
Peltodytes lengi
Peltodytes muticus
Family Trachypachidae - False Ground Beetles [9]
Family Noteridae - Burrowing Water Beetles [10]
Hydrocanthus sp.
Suphisellus bicolor punctipennis
Suphisellus puncticollis
Family Amphizoidae - Trout-stream Beetles [11]
Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles [12]
Subfamily Laccophilinae
Laccophilus fasciatus
Laccophilus maculosus
Laccophilus proximus
Subfamily Hydroporinae

Celina angustata
Celina hubbelli
Celina slossoni
Coelambus dissimilis
Desmopachria convexa
Bidessonotus sp.
Hygrotus dissimilis
Hygrotus nubilus
Hygrotus sayi
Hygrotus sp.
Hydroporus americanus
Hydroporus badiellus
Hydroporus striola
Hydroporus tristis
Hydroporus sp. (niger-tenebreous group)
Hydroporus sp. (Diver #7)
Hydroporus sp. (Diver #13) (cf. H. americanus)
Liodessus affinis complex
Neoporus carolinus
Neoporus clypealis
Neoporus undulatus
Uvarus falli
Uvarus granarius
Uvarus lacustris

Subfamily Colymbetinae
Matus sp.
Copelatus glyphicus
Coptotomus longulus
Ilybius biguttulus
Subfamily Dytiscinae
Prodaticus bimarginatus
Subfamily Hydaticinae
Hydaticus bimarginatus
Thermonectus basillaris
Subfamily Cybistrinae

Suborder Polyphaga

Superfamily Hydrophiloidea
Family Hydrophilidae - Water Scavenger Beetles [13]
Berosus aculeatus
Berosus fraternus
Berosus peregrinus
Cercyon connivens
Cercyon mendax
Cercyon occellatus
Cercyon praetextatus
Cercyon pubescens
Cercyon quisquilius
Crenitis sp.
Cryptopleurum minutum
Cryptopleurum subtile
Cymbiodyta rotunda
Enochrus cinctus
Enochrus consors
Enochrus consortus
Enochrus diffusus
Enochrus hamiltoni
Enochrus perplexus
Enochrus pygmacus
Enochrus ochraceus
Enochrus sayi
Enochrus sp. (fimbriatus/interruptus group)
Helophorus lineatus
Hydrochus subcupreus
Hydrochara soror
Hydrophilus triangularis
Paracymus confluens
Phaenonotum exstriatum
Tectosternum naviculare
Tropisternus collaris
Tropitsternus lateralis
Tropitsternus mixtus
Family Sphaeritidae - False Clown Beetles [14]
Family Histeridae - Clown Beetles [15]
Atholus exaratus
Geomysaprinus posthumus
Hister abbreviatus
Hister depurator
Euspilotus sp.
Spilodiscus biplagiatus

Superfamily Staphylinoidea
Family Hydraenidae - Minute Moss Beetles [16]
Family Ptiliidae - Featherwinged Beetles [17]
Acrotrichis sp.
Family Agyrtidae - Primitive Carrion Beetles [18]
Family Leiodidae - Round Fungus Beetles [19]
Colon hubbardi
Zeadolopus sp.
Family Scydmaenidae - Ant-like Stone Beetles [20]
Euconnus sp.
Family Silphidae - Carrion Beetles [21]
Creophilus maxillosus
Nicrophorus orbicollis
Nicrophorus pustulatus
Oiceoptoma inaequale
Oiceoptoma noveboracense
Silpha americana (observed)
Family Staphylinidae - Rove Beetles [22]
Subfamily Aleocharinae
Aleochara sp.
undetermined #1
undetermined #2
undetermined #3 rove #21
undetermined #4 rove #32
Myllaena sp.
Oligota sp.
Trichiusa sp.
Subfamily Omaliinae
Olophrum obtectum
Omalium repandum
Phyllodrepa humerosa
Subfamily Oxytelinae
Anotylus insignitus
Anotylus sp. Rove #23
Anotylus rugosus
Apocellus sphaericollis
Bledius sp.
Bledius sp. #2
Carpelimus quadripunctatus
Carpelimus sp. #1
Carpelimus sp. #2
Subfamily Paederinae
Achenomorphus corticinus
Homaeotarsus bicolor
Homaeotarsus floridanus
Homaeotarsus cinctus
Lathrobiina sp.
Lithocharis tricolor
Lobrathium sp.
Medonina (subtribe of Paederini)
Paederus sp.
Pseudolathra sp.
Ragilus sp.
Scopaeus sp.
Subfamily Pselaphinae
Decarthron sp.
Reichenbachia sp.
Rybaxis clavata
Subfamily Tachyporinae
Coproporus venticulus
Coproporus laevis
Tachyporus jocosus
Tachyporus nitidulus
Subfamily Scaphidiinae
Baeocera sp.
Subfamily Staphylininae
Belonuchus rufipennis
Neohypnus sp.
Philonthus alumnus
Philonthus sp.
Stenistoderus rubripennis
Tasgius sp.

Superfamily Scarabaeoidea
Family Lucanidae - Stag Beetles [23]
Family Diphyllostomatidae - False Stag Beetles [24]
Family Passalidae - Bess Beetles [25]
Family Glaresidae - Enigmatic Scarab Beetles [26]
Family Trogidae - Hide Beetles [27]
Trox sp.
Trox aequalis
Trox tuberculatus
Trox unistriatus
Trox variolatus
Family Pleocomidae - Rain Beetles [28]
Family Geotrupidae - Earth-Boring Dung Beetles [29]
Odonteus sp.
Bolbocerosoma farctum
Family Ochodaeidae - Sand-loving Scarab Beetles [30]
Family Hybosoridae - Scavenger Scarab Beetles [31]
Family Ceratocanthidae - Pill Scarab Beetles [32]
Family Glaphyridae - Bumble Bee Scarab Beetles [33]
Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles [34]
Subfamily Aphodiinae - Aphodiine Dung Beetles
Aphodius lividus
Aphodius sp. (subgenus Alloblackburneus)
Aphodius rubeolus (subgenus Alloblackburneus)
Aphodius (Oscarinus) rusicola
Aphodius stercorosus (subgenus Blackburneus)
Aphodius (Labarrus) pseudolividus
Ataenius gracilis
Ataenius spretolus
Ataenius platensis
Ataenius imbricatus
Subfamily Scarabaeinae - Dung Beetles
Tribe Coprini
Copris minutus
Dichotomius carolinus
Tribe Onthophagini
Onthophagus hecate
Onthophagus orpheus
Onthophagus pennsylvanicus
Onthophagus tarurus
Tribe Phanaeini
Phanaeus vindex
Subfamily Melolonthinae - May Beetles and June Bugs
Tribe Sericini
Serica sericea
Tribe Melolonthini
Phyllophaga hirticula
P. cernulata
P. tristis
P. ephilida
Subfamily Rutelinae - Shining Leaf Chafers
Tribe Anomalini
Exomala orientalis
Anomala binotata
Popillia japonica
Strigoderma arbicola
Tribe Rutelini
Pelidnota punctata
Subfamily Dynastinae - Rhinoceros Beetles
Tribe Cyclocephalini
Dyscinetus morator
Tribe Pentodontini
Aphanus castaneus
Aphonus sp.
Tomarus gibbosus
Subfamily Cetoniinae - Fruit and Flower Chafers
Cotinus nitida
Superfamily Scirtoidea
Family Eucinetidae - Plate-thigh Beetles [35]
Eucinetus haemorrhoidalis
Family Clambidae - Minute Beetles [36]
Family Scirtidae - Marsh Beetles [37]
Scirtes tibialis
Contacyphon (variabilis complex)
Contacyphon sp.2 (variabilis complex)
Sacodes pulchella
Superfamily Dascilloidea
Family Dascillidae - Soft-bodied Plant Beetles [38]
Family Rhipiceridae - Cicada Parasite Beetles [39]
Superfamily Buprestoidea
Family Schizopodidae - False Jewel Beetles [40]
Family Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles [41]
Acmaeodera pulchella
Agrilus cuprescens
Superfamily Byrroidea
Family Byrrhidae - Pill Beetles [42]
Family Elmidae - Riffle Beetles [43]
Macronychus glabratus
Stenelmis quadrimaculata
Stenelmis bicarinata
Stenelmis crenata
Family Dryopidae - Long-toed Water Beetles [44]
Family Lutrochidae - Travertine Beetles [45]
Family Limnichidae - Minute Marsh-loving Beetles [46]
Eulimnichus sp.
Limnichites ovatus
Family Heteroceridae - Variegated Mud-loving Beetles [47]
Heterocerus collaris
Heterocerus mollinus
Heterocerus fenestratus
Microaugyles moleculus
Tropicus pusillus
Family Psephenidae - Water Penny Beetles [48]
Family Ptilodactylidae - Toe-winged Beetles [49]
Ptilodactyla sp.
Family Chelonariidae - Turtle Beetles [50]
Family Eulichadidae - Forest Stream Beetles [51]
Family Callirhipidae - Callirhipid Cedar Beetles [52]

Superfamily Elateroidea
Family Artematopodidae - Soft-bodied Plant Beetles [53]
Family Brachypsectridae - Texas Beetles [54]
Family Cerophytidae - Rare Click Beetles [55]
Family Eucnemidae - False Click Beetles [56]
Family Throscidae - False Metallic Wood-boring Beetles [57]
Trixagus carinicollis
Trixagus chevrolati
Family Elateridae - Click Beetles [58]
Aeolus mellilus
Conoderus bellus
Conoderus lividus
Conoderus vespertinus
Megapenthes rufilabris
Dipropus soleatus
Glyphonyx inquinatus
Hemicrepidius memnonius
Limonius sp.
Melanotus cf. communis
Melanotus cf. lengi
Paradonus pectoralis

Family Lycidae - Net-winged Beetles [59]
Plateros sp.
Family Telegeusidae - Long-lipped Beetles [60]
Family Phengodidae - Glowworm Beetles [61]
Family Lampyridae - Fireflies [62]
Photuris pennsylvanica
Photinus pyralis
Photinus consimilis
Pyropyga decipiens
Family Omethidae - False Soldier Beetles [63]
Family Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles [64]
Atalantycha bilineata
Chauliognathus marginatus
Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus
Ditemnus sp.
Podabrus appendiculatus
Podabrus frosti
Podabrus rugosolus
Cantharis sp.
Rhagonycha triangulifera
Rhagonycha lineola
Family Jacobsoniidae - Jacobsoniid Beetles [65]

Superfamily Derodontoidea
Family Derodontidae - Tooth-necked Fungus Beetles [66]

Superfamily Bostrichoidea
Family Nosodendridae - Wounded-tree Beetles [67]
Family Dermestidae - Carpet Beetles [68]
Anthrenus sp.
Paranovelsis aequalis
Family Bostrichidae - Horned Powder-post Beetles [69]
Lichenophanes bicornis
Postephanus punctatus
Scobicia bidentata
Trogoxylon parallelopipedum
Xylobiops basilaris
Xylobiops capucinus
Family Anobiidae - Death-watch and Spider Beetles [70]
Byrrhodes intermedius
Caenocara bicolor
Calymmaderus nitidus
Oligomerus alternans
Petalium whitei
Petalium incisum
Ptinus bimaculatus
Tricorynus gravis
Tricorynus nigritalus
Tricorynus punctatus

Superfamily Lymexylonoidea
Family Lymexylidae - Ship-timber Beetles [71]

Superfamily Cleroidea
Family Trogossitidae - Bark-gnawing Beetles [72]
Tenebroides americanus
Tenebroides bimaculatus
Tenebroides laticollis
Tenebroides nanus
Corticotomus cylindricus
Corticotomus parallelus
Family Cleridae - Checkered Beetles [73]
Chariessa pilosa (visual only)
Cregya oculata
Cymatodera undulata
Cymatodera inornata
Necrobia violacea
Neorthopleura thoracicum
Placopterus thoracicus
Family Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles [74]
Attalus scincetus
Collops quadrimaculatus

Superfamily Cucujoidea
Family Sphindidae - Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles [75]
Sphindus americanus
Family Kateretidae - Short-winged Flower Beetles [76]
Family Nitidulidae - Sap-feeding Beetles [77]
Amphicrossus ciliatus
Carpophilus antiquus
Carpophilus brachypterus
Carpophilus marginellus
Carpophilus hemipterus
Carpophilus lugubris
Carpophilus marginatus
Carpophilus truncatus
Colopterus maculatus
Colopterus niger
Colopterus truncatus
Colopterus unicolor
Cryptarcha ampla
Cryptarcha concinna
Cryptarcha strigatula
Epuraea avara
Epuraea corticina
Epuraea peltoides
Epuraea rufa
Glischrochilus fasciatus
Glischrochilus quadrisignatus
Fabogethes nigrescens
Omosita nearctica
Phenolia grossa
Pocadius helvolus
Prometopia sexmaculata
Stelidota geminata
Family Smicripidae - Palmetto Beetles [78]
Family Monotomidae - Root-eating Beetles [79]
Bactridium obscurum
Bactridium striolatum
Monotoma arida
Monotoma longicollis
Monotoma picipes
Monotoma americana
Family Silvanidae - Silvanid Flat Bark Beetles [80]
Ahasverus advena
Ahasverus (new species)
Telephanus atricapillus
Oryzaephilus surinamensis
Silvanus muticus
Silvanus cf-recticollis
Silvanoprus scuticollis
Family Passandridae - Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles [81]
Family Cucujidae - Flat Bark Beetles [82]
Family Laemophloeidae - Lined Flat Bark Beetles [83]
Cryptolestes sp
Laemophloeus biguttatus
Laemophloeus fasciatus
Laemophloeus megacephalus
Family Cybocephalidae - new family []
Cybocephalus nigritulus
Family Phalacridae - Shining Flower Beetles [84]
Acylomus piceous
Phalacrus sp.
Olibrus bullatus
Olibroporus punctatus
Olibrus sp.
Stilbus sp.
Stilbus apicalis
Family Cryptophagidae - Silken Fungus Beetles [85]
Atomaria lewisi
Atomaria ephippiata
Atomaria fuscata
Atomaria wollastoni
Telmatophilus americanus
Telmatophilus typhae
Curelius japonicus
Family Languriidae - Lizard Beetles [86]
Family Erotylidae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles [87]
Cryptophilus obliteratus
Cryptophilus seriatus
Ischyrus quadripunctatus
Languria sp. (visual only)
Toramus pulchellus
Tritoma angulata
Family Byturidae - Fruitworm Beetles [88]
Family Biphyllidae - False Skin Beetles [89]
Family Bothrideridae - Dry Bark Beetles [90]
Family Cerylonidae - Minute Bark Beetles [91]
Family Endomychidae - Handsome Fungus Beetles [92]
Family Coccinellidae - Ladybird Beetles [93]
Brachiacantha ursina
Cycloneda munda
Harmonia axyridis
Coccinella septempunctata
Chilocoris stigma
Coleomegilla maculata (visual only)
Diomus amabilis
Hippodamia convergens
Hippodamia variegata
Hippodamia parenthesis
Propylea quatuordecimpunctata
Psyllobora vigintimaculata
Scymnus rubricaudus
Scymnus sp.
Stethorus punctillum
Family Corylophidae - Minute Hooded Beetles [94]
Clypastraea fasciata
Clypastraea lepida
Holopsis sp.
Orthoperus sp.
Family Latridiidae - Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles [95]
Corticaria elongata
Corticarina sp.
Melanophthalma sp. (dark)
Melanophthalma sp. (light)

Superfamily Tenebrionoidea
Family Mycetophagidae - Hairy Fungus Beetles [96]
Litargus sexpunctatus
Litargus tetraspilotus
Mycetophagus punctatus
Typhaea stercorea
Family Archeocrypticidae - Cryptic Fungus Beetles [97]
Family Ciidae - Minute Tree-fungus Beetles [98]
Family Tetratomidae - Polypore Fungus Beetles [99]
Family Melandryidae - False Darkling Beetles [100]
Anisoxya glaucula
Family Mordellidae - Tumbling Flower Beetles [101]
Mordella marginata
Mordellistena andreae
Mordellistena aspersa
Mordellistena cervicalis
Mordellistena masoni
Mordellistena pustulata Melsheimer
Mordellistena rubrifascia
Yakuhananomia bidentata (visual only)
Family Rhipiphoridae - Wedge-shaped Beetles [102]
Family Colydiidae - Cylindrical Bark Beetles [103]
Family Monommatidae - Oppossum Beetles [104]
Family Zopheridae - Ironclad Beetles [105]
Aulonium parallelopipedum
Bitoma quadricollis
Synchita fuliginosa
Family Tenebrionidae - Darkling Beetles [106]
Alobatus pensylvanica
Alphitophagus bifasciatus
Blapstinus metalilicus
Corticeus parallelus
Cynaeus angustus
Diaperis maculata
Isomira pulla
Isomira sericea
Mycetochara fraterna
Neomida bicornis
Patydema ellipticum
Platydema excavatum
Platydema flavipes
Platydema ruficorne
Platydema micans
Statira gagatina
Uloma mentalis
Family Prostomidae - Jugular-horned Beetles [107]
Family Synchroidae - Synchroa Bark Beetles [108]
Family Oedemeridae - False Blister Beetles [109]
Family Stenotrachelidae - False Longhorn Beetles [110]
Family Meloidae - Blister Beetles [111]
Epicauta vittata
Epicauta pestifera
Epicauta pennsylvanica
Lytta aenea
Lytta sayi
Meloe americanus
Tricrania sanguinipennis

Family Mycteridae - Palm and Flower Beetles [112]
Family Boridae - Conifer Bark Beetles [113]
Family Pythidae - Dead Log Beetles [114]
Family Pyrochroidae - Fire-Colored Beetles [115]
Dendroides canadensis
Pedilus lugubris
Family Salpingidae - Narrow-waisted Bark Beetles [116]
Family Anthicidae - Antlike Flower Beetles [117]
Anthicus cervinus
Anthicus ephippium
Malporus formicarius
Omonadus formicarius
Omonadus floralis
Notoxus desertus
Notoxus murinipennis
Sapintus fulvipes
Sapintus pubescens
Stricticollis tobias
Family Aderidae - Antlike Leaf Beetles [118]
Aderus populneus
Family Scraptiidae - False Flower Beetles [119]
Canifa pallipes

Superfamily Chrysomeloidea
Family Cerambycidae - Longhorned Beetles [120]
Anelaphus parallelus
Anelaphus villosus
Elaphidion mucronatum
Euderces pini
Megacyllene robiniae
Oene rigida
Obrium maculatum
Phymatodes testaceus
Smodicum cucujiforme
Xylotrechus sagittatus
Astyleiopus variegatus
Tetraopes melanurus
Tetraopes tetrophthalmus
Hippopsis lemniscata
Ecyrus dasycerus
Saperda tridentata
Sternidius alpha
Orthosoma brunneum
Prionus laticollis
Family Megalopodidae - Megalopodid Leaf Beetles [122]
Family Orsodacnidae - Orsodacnid Leaf Beetles [123]
Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles [121 & 124]
Subfamily Bruchinae - Pea and Bean Weevils
Amblycerus robiniae
Subfamily Donaciinae - Aquatic Leaf Beetles
Subfamily Criocerinae
Neolema sexpunctata
Oulema melanopus
Subfamily Cassidinae - Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines
Cassida piperata First Record N. Amer.
Cassida rubiginosa
Microrhopala vittata
Odontota dorsalis
Subfamily Chrysomelinae
Gastrophysa polygoni
Labidomera clivicollis (visual only)
Leptinotarsa juncta
Plagioder versicolora
Subfamily Galerucinae - Skeletonizing leaf beetles
Acalymma vittata
Altica sp.
Capraita circumdata
Capraita sexmaculata
Chaetocnema minuta
Chaetocnema confinis
Crepidodera browni
Disonycha pensylvanica
Disonycha glabrata
Diabrotica undecimpuntate
Glyptina sp.
Longitarsus melanurus
Neogalerucella sp.
Oedionychus vianus
Phyllotreta bipustulata
Phyllotreta striolata
Psylliodes sp.
Systena blanda
Systena frontalis
Subfamily Eumolpinae
Brachyphnoea tristis
Colaspis brunnea
Colaspis favosa
Metachroma interruptum
Paria sp. #1
Paria sp. #2
Rhabdopterus sp. (praetexus or deceptor)
Tymnes sp.
Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - The Casebearers
Subfamily Alticinae - + Now a tribe (Alticini) of Galerucinae

Superfamily Curculionoidea
Family Nemonychidae - Pine Flower Snout Beetles [125]
Family Anthribidae - Fungus Weevils [126]
Family Belidae - Cycad Weevils [127]
Family Attelabidae - Leaf Rolling Weevils [128]
Family Brentidae - Straight-snouted Weevils [129]
Subfamily Apioninae
Trichapion porcatum
Family Ithyceridae - New York Weevils [130]
Family Brachyceridae
Subfamily Erirhininae
Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus
Stenopelmus rufinasus
Tanysphyrus lemnae
Family Curculionidae - Snout and Bark Beetles [131]
Subfamily Baridinae
Baris interstitialis
Geraeus picumnus
Glyptobaris lecontei
Odontocorynus salebrosus
Subfamily Ceutorhynchinae
Ceutorhynchus erysimi
Ceutorhynchus omissus
Phytobius leucogaster
Rhinoncus bruchoides
Subfamily Cryptorhynchinae
Tyloderma aereum
Subfamily Curculioninae
Anthonomus elongatus
Curculio sp.
Lignyodes bischoffi
Lignyodes helvolus
Lignyodes horridulus
Orchestes steppensis
Smicronyx sculpticollis
Smicronyx flavicans
Smicronyx sp.
Smicronyx interruptus
Tychius meliloti
Subfamily Cyclominae
Listronotus anthracinus
Listronotus appendiculatus
Listronotus delumbis
Listroderes difficilis
Listronotus maculicollis
Subfamily Dryophthorinae
Sphenophorus apicalis
Sphenophorus sp.
Subfamily Entiminae
Barypeithes pellucidus
Cyrtepistomus castaneus
Pseudocneorhinus bifasciatus
Pseudoedophrys hilleri
Sitona hispidulus

Subfamily Hyperinae
Donus zoilus
Subfamily Molytinae
Conotrachelus juglandis
Conotrachelus seniculus
Hormops abducens
Pheloconus hispidus
Rhyssomatus palmacollis
Subfamily Scolytinae
Cnesinus strigicollis
Cyclorhipidion bodoanum
Monarthrum fasciatum
Monarthrum mali
Orthotomicus caelatus
Phloeotribus liminaris
Pityophthorus consimilis
Pityophthorus sp.
Pseudopityophthorus pruinosus
Scolytus multistriatus
Thysanoes fimbricornis
Xyleborus bispinatus
Xyleborus celsus
Xyleborus pubescens
Xyleborus pfeili