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Gayle and Jeanell Strickland, Contributor
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

I have been an amateur naturalist since about age 5. At various times my focus has been on ornithology, herpetology and entomology, but entomology has been the most enduring.
In the period 1967-1969 I focused on the butterflies and skippers of Louisiana. I collected and identified 119 species during this time, of which 18 represented new state records. During 1968-69 I photographed many of these species in the wild. 20 of these photographs were accepted for the National Audubon Society butterfly field guide. In 1972, I authored a paper outlining this study, which was delivered on my behalf at the 1972 annual meeting of the Lepidopterists Society by Dr. Lee D. Miller. During the period 1969-1972 I studied the moths of Louisiana with emphasis on the micros. Determinations were made or confirmed by the authorities of the time, and most of the specimens were placed in the various institutions represented by these authorities. I currently have the leftovers from this endeavor, which occupy 65 glass-topped cases.
More recently, Jeanell & I have studied the Odonata of Louisiana. We have collected, scanned and photographed 108 of the 128 species currently known for the state. Three of these species were added by us. Our imaging efforts may be seen here on our Fotki site. These images are also linked to Bill Mauffray’s fine paper on the Odonata of Louisiana, which may be seen here.
Oh, incidentally, professionally I was a chemist and computer programmer.
Gayle Strickland
Baton Rouge LA

I am a retired genealogy librarian with a lifelong interest in nature. Since 1997 I have been riding shotgun with Gayle, learning whatever I can about critters and practicing my photography.
Jeanell Strickland
Baton Rouge, LA