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Ron Hemberger, Contributor
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Irvine, California, Orange County

* Ron passed away August 21, 2019

Retired advertising copywriter, turned nature boy photographer in what's becoming my second childhood.

Early equipment included a Nikon D70, then a D80, 105mm Nikon micro with Kenko extension tubes, 180mm Sigma macro with 1.4 teleconverter, Canon close-up lens, ring light, and Slik monopod. A lot to lug!

Took about two years off due chiefly to physical problems which prohibited walking around with a ton o' gear. Got better, then restarted with...

Current equipment began with the relatively light Nikon D5200 with 24MP coming in handy as I crop a lot and ability to shoot at high ISO (6400!) as I shake a lot. Two main lenses: Sigma 150mm macro and Nikon 55-300mm, both backed with the good ol' Kenko 1.4X teleconverter. Also use a 20mm Kenko extension tube on and off, mostly off. Slik Lightypod III monopod is essential!

Ron Hemberger
Irvine, Orange Co., Calif.