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Thomas Wilson of Armistead Gardens in Baltimore City, Contributor
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Thomas Wilson of Armistead Gardens in Baltimore City
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Baltimore City, Maryland, USA

I am an ecology-enthusiast interested in urban biodiversity. My practice involves photographing ANY and ALL phenomena (including insects and other invertebrates) I encounter on my regular and frequent photo-walks through my local city park and its surrounding watershed.

My body of submissions depict lifeforms in ways you might find them in nature.

For all intents and practical purposes my self-directed learning project began in the Spring of 2006, marking this season (2017) as year #11 of the project.

I rely heavily on internet sources [ie., websites and .pdf files] and experts [including those of you who generously contribute to Bugguide] for obtaining information about the insects and other lifeforms that inhabit the Lower Herring Run watershed where I live.