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Micki Killoran, Contributor
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Micki Killoran
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Wilhoit, Arizona, Yavapai County

I am a biology teacher just getting started in entomology, and am starting a virtual insect collection using my camera (A Sony DSC-H1 Cybershot) Any tips would be appreciated. I'd love a more expensive SLR, but I got what I could afford, and it does a decent job.
Update, Summer, 2007, I bought another Sony Cybershot, a W-55. Even less expensive, but more megapixels (7.2) it's a little shirt-pocket thing. I love it! Who says you need expensive equipment? Also, I'm now teaching chemistry instead of biology. It's a little harder to work the bugs in.
Here are a few of my favorites, all taken with a "point-and-shoot" camera:
Micki Killoran