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Mardon Erbland, Contributor
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Mardon Erbland
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Logy Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

I spent my childhood in north central Ohio. The night sky, fireflies and ants were some of the things that intrigued me.  As a teenager, I thought I would be led into a career in pure science by my love of nature and my general curiosity about how things work.  That was not to be. I became an electrical engineer and wound up working in the electric utility business for 37 years.  After retiring in 2003, I started to regress to some of my childhood interests. ‘Bugs’ became a renewed fascination.   With the arrival of high-quality digital photography equipment, I was able to combine three of my favorite hobbies: ‘bugs’, photography and computers.  It wasn’t long before I found It's one of my favorite cyber hangouts. Some of my other photography can be seen at

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